Thursday, December 6, 2007


As soon as a standard is created, those who don't adapt to it will decay; such is the thought Microsoft should chew on. Yes, Office 2007 attains new heights in terms of usability, largely due to the ease of creating professional-looking documents. Add a few 3D charts which are sure to attract anyone's attention and you've definitely got a winning combination : until you go on and save your document. Surprise surprise, you can only retain your editable charts if you save your file under the new docx format, which is not supported under earlier versions. So much for all that excitement... This IS Microsoft, after all, not Google.

On the other hand, Google does allow you to export your data. Hell, if you feel like it, forward your google e-mail to an unrelated account, no one will complain. Try to do this with hotmail. Tough luck, eh?

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