Monday, December 10, 2007

Too much freedom...

Such is the conclusion of the Senate when it comes to social liberties. Following the Patriot Act, one can be legally taken into custody, tortured and imprisoned, all based on suspicion only.
The natural thing to think is that since you have nothing to hide, and you're totally legit, nothing can happen to you, but this is exactly the problem : you don't need to do something illegal to be punished anymore.

Prisoners of war are protected by the Geneva convention (you know, the one which held accountable nazi SS criminals), but here's a thought: What if you don't call your prisoners POW's, but instead enemy combatants, and what if you're also a superpower ? Yes, it's not agreed upon by anyone else, and it will become a source of tension between yourself and other powers, but since there's no-one to bring you to your knees, is that really a problem ? Your citizens root for you and wave your flag in the name of liberty. They even buy bullets for you, after sweating 40 hours a week. And if they somehow refuse to cooperate, there's always ways to make them shut up, in very persuasive ways, all in the name of freedom and safety, of course.

But whose safety are we talking about here, then?

Clearly not the citizen's, since he can be tortured for whatever reason, and no one will know about it.
Clearly not that of other countries, since already you're not respecting the basic liberties of either your enemies, nor your own people.

Well let's see, who's left ?

Mr. Bush? France called, and they want their Statue back.

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