Saturday, October 25, 2008

Aluminium Macbook

Apple now sells Aluminium macbooks. I have a few problems with the new product vs the old one :
  • Despite 64-bit chipsets and 64-bit OS, the machine still only supports 4gb of ram
  • Price for the entry-level macbook increased from 1100 to 1400, without adding new features
  • Glossy screen is the only choice available, so glare is worse. At least before we had the choice.
  • The display adapter has changed... yet again! For no apparent reason!
  • Remote control is no longer included in the package!
  • Processor speed remains the same, despite being a new generation of laptops.
  • Aluminium dents and scratches.
All in all, they offer the same features as the previous macbook, all while increasing the price.

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