Thursday, February 25, 2010


Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine which consists in administering extremely low doses of supposedly active ingredients, such as wolf's pelt or thunderstorm water. The practice is apparently supported by some insurance companies, and even paid for by national governments. The United Kingdom was such a state, until recently it decided to stop backing the practice. There were as many as three homeopathic hospitals in the UK, all of which were partly supported by the state.

To the bright side of the equation, I see a group of people whom, having undergone classical treatment, failed to improve their condition, and turn on to homeopathy as a last resort. As far as I'm concerned, if these patients actively believe in a remedy while essentially drinking putrefied water, so be it, homeopathy has its place in private practices. However, a mentally sane patient should never be able to choose homeopathy in favor of traditional medicine, not should it ever be state-sanctioned.

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Ana said...

I'm wondering what sort of diseases don't have a cure with meds, are they psychological or physical and at what stage of the illness should homeopathic medicine be used? Because I believe in terms of physical diseases there is a high percentage of diseases which are cured by meds, unless it is caught in terminal phase. Psychological diseases such as schizophrenia I know for sure there is no way homeopathic medicine that can cure it, or they don't take the chance because of ethical reasons. I heard stories in which a person had cancer and she went in this Buddhist temple where she stayed there for a long period of time and had a sort of treatment there under a profesional's surveillance and she got cured from it. Apparently being in a state of starvation eliminates the disease from the body. But these are stories of course. It might be like in the medieval times that belief that cutting and bleeding is good for eliminating disease. Seriously, I think in terms of it's scientific validity and reliability it's not very good. I'm gonna search for studies done on effectiveness of homeopathy and send it to you.
On the other hand I believe government should invest in more research on homeopathic treatments they might be better than traditional medicine, who says that cutting and drugs is the best way to treat, maybe there are other ways. But until they research it's effectiveness I don't think people should use these over traditional medicine as you said or it should be used as a last resort.