Monday, October 4, 2010

August 10th 12 day

August 10th 12 day

Mood: very calm and hungry as hell

Sparring notes
Armpit kneed a guy twice since he had his arm way too deep. Armbarred him.

Played with 50 50 but couldnt do much beyond being stuck there forever.

Attempted gb sweeps from delariva but no luck stretching the guy out properly. That seems to be the first step anyway.

My open guard improved since its harder to pass now. Forgot to look after the standing spider from btt.

Scissored to mount but my lower leg was a bit too high.

Standing delariva from btt worked wonders.

Guard got pAssed only once after a crappy triangle he defended by diving. Couldnt replace guard from that point. Shouldve rocked on my back once hes passed a bit.

Double rape choke defense : duck under one Arm but keep head up and protect from knees.

Armbar triangle. They hold the arm with both arms befote opening but grabbig the collar breaks posture better. One of the red black belts teaches hand on collar anyway.

For the double leg dive under the armpit.

For the defense sprawl And crossface outwards.

Funky guard pass.

GrAb his armpits, get up and walk to him . Sit down and post a knee. Grab the opposite side lapel and ditch the leg.

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