Monday, October 4, 2010

August 12 th 13 day

August 12 th 13 day

First stripe
Felt like some guys were really out to get me while rolling, for no reason. Eithrr forcing stuff or resisting overly some moves.

Rolling notes.
Controlled posture of the guy in guard a bit better than before by pulling his elbows inwards. Got armpit knee sweeps omoplata sweeps armbar scissor sweeps kimura sweep counters the standing btt de la riva sweep and the gb de la riva dweep turning inside towards the knee as well as triangle setups. Not even joking. Got props from guys in The advanced class.

Noticed. ThAt i was under the effect of coffee and maybe my reflexes were a bit sharper. Didnt get passed submited or swept so thats a bit bawring.

Double ankle sweeps which involve moving in after the sweep. That could be used when the collar is missed.

Hip throw from double rape choke by grabbing the shoulder.

Armbar afrom double ankle sweep posture break.

Advancd tehniques
Switch from single to double leg when his leg gets outside.

Guard pass knee wedge push leg down and stepover.

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