Monday, October 4, 2010

August 16th 15 day

August 16th 15 day

Felt I was going to puke in class atthe last sparring. Had mcdodo at noon and it wants to get out.

Got armbarred and triangled by a bigger stronger more experienced white but I really don't feel I messed up. Physically not in shape and crappy reflexes are my excuse.

Armbarred the same guy from high guard using a gb technique. Worked from high guard with another guy. Swept with de la riva knee down. Passed a blue belts guard from btt. Loop choke on that same opponent. Both opponents wrestled out of the submission so next time I will definetly force some more. Got my omoplata sweep defused by a btt blue belt technique.

Tried the xchoke but was defended with chin action.

Body fold technique from the clinch, the same one as the standing guillotine.

Funky guard pass. Knee outwards, same side palm down pant grab and push down with elbow. Other hand on both lapels. Pass that second arm under his let and sprawl for the pass.

Blue belt techniques
Tomoe nage. Same setup as a guard pull but instead loosen up the knee and extend it ad the opponent is flying overhead.

De la riva sweep. Straight lapel grab opposite pivot, foot on hip and lift overhead.

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