Monday, October 4, 2010

August 23rd 19th day

August 23rd 19th day

Sparring notes

My armpit knee sweep victim started defending it. Armbarred him for keeping too high a grip instead ans transitioned to triangle as well.

Got good control with spider guard but messed up as he got too far and my grips werent good enough. Attempted a knee spider guard sweep but the dudes base was scary strong. Got trapped in an early triangle. Dude with dangerously strong legs.

Rolled with a brown. Defeated my riva repeatedly. Got pulled for a armpit knee as i tried the guard pass of the day. Was good enough to break his closed guard.

Got amazed at how grip matter even after An omoplata sweep. Got omoplatad a few times.

Important: de la riva pass:
Grapevined leg: knee parallel to the attackers body and bent itowards his forehead. Crossgrip free leg and lift with both hands towards the second leg.

Inner leg hook takedown. Lift at the knee level across.

Punching defense from clinch. Parallel grab the punching arm from the back. Posture up and step back. Grab neck and kimura the other hand.

Bull pass. Closed guard breaking is first done with the back then sprawled leg then with the arm. Collar grip should be on the sternum. Break the legs with the lower back.

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