Monday, October 4, 2010

August 26 22nd day

August 26 22nd day

Mood: A bit perplexed. Lets call this guy beluga. Their heads are similar, and as shortly will be proven, so are their brains. This idiot sparred with me last class. After having his guard passed a couple oftimes and submitted with both ezequiel and triangle( almost) and having refused to tap and wrestled out of everything. Dude refused to tap as my ezequiel was deep. Crushed his windpipe and he started coughing.

Fast forward to this class, this asshat chooses me again for sparring, presumably to teach me a lesson. So I get in the inferior position inside his closed guard. He tries a bunch of weird asshat tricks but he gets nothing. Hes frustrated. Roles switch and as he forces my guard open I transition to de la riva. Got him under me on his knees so sweep restart. This time around I stand up again and he tries a guillotine. After getting out of it he pushes me down and his his face on me knee. All angry he gets up and wants to hit me. Hewants to teach me A lesson and sits on his back again when it was my trn, all angry. He screams out of control. Challenging me. Someone tells him to cool off and I go sit. Moral of the story: avoid the idiots.

By the way my belt is still gone havent recovered it.

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