Monday, October 4, 2010

August 2nd 8th day

August 2nd 8th day

Morning class

Self-defense class
Learned how to breakfall when pushed down. Keep the head in to avoid knocking against pavement. Got up in base. The leg on the bottom should be free and usable for kicks.

Scissor sweep but the arm grip is just behind the elbow which doesnt allow for chaining attacks. Works especially well when one leg is posted.

Cross collar choke: learned a nice setup from when theguy is pushing with both hands down on my hips. The first arm pushes his arm down using the elbow. The second arm is broken down at the wrist.

Sparred with three partners:
Brown belt instructor had a very strong open guard, wasnt going for tricks. Survived his attacks for quite a while but he was going at a slow pace. Tried the bullfighter pass and he wouldnt pish back.

Had a few good sweeps and submissions on thebodybuilder but he muscles out of a lot of them. Did the triangle escape and ot worked absolutely great. Tried standing guard passesb but couldnt get him off the ground. Even a double ankle failed against this monster. Fooled with deep half guard

Scissor swept a third guy to mount and attempted triangles. Worked an omoplata sweepsuccessfully but he somehow recovered quickly. Maybe my grips were off.

Guillotined from guard a guy who was trying to get up

Conclusion from a few weeks training with new partners.

My closed guard game is my best
Im good atregaining closed guard from side control.
I am beginning to chain open guard sweeps and get better control. Trouble starts when both ankles are trapped And i have q crappy grip.

I fucking miss full on rolling to submission not just position. Maybe the advanced class has this.

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