Monday, October 4, 2010

August 3rd 9th day

August 3rd 9th day

Advanced techniques : 
De la riva guard as taught by GB : 
Straight sleeve grip
Straight grab one ankle
The same side hooks the leg
The opposite leg pushes on the knee, to stretch the guy out.

Sweep from there:
The leg that hooked over, turns inwards, bringing the other guy to his knees, and sweeping him down.

Basic techniques
Cross-collar choke whenever someone grabs the lapels high, good for breaking posture at least, if not choking.

Scissor sweep
Works even better when one leg is posted. (look out for that) since less advanced guys do it.

Getting up in base...

Sparring notes 

No submissions either way.

Worked with a blue belt in BTT. Not submitted or swept while in his guard, but couldn't get it open either way.
Opened my guard and almost omoplata swept him, almost passed once. He was gassed, and technique-wise a bit off. Protected very well from guard. Hasd

Worked with a 2-year pro no-gi fighter. Felt he was a bit ahead of me as far as timing and seeing my moves a bit. Passed my guard, but couldn't pass his easily.

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