Monday, October 4, 2010

August 4th 10th day

August 4th 10th day

Rolling notes

Worked open guard.
Rolled with Georges. Got a nice de la riva sweep I stole from the advanced class from last week : Straight-grab his right ankle, hook his right leg, cross grab the other sleeve. Turn the knee inwards, and follow-up with the pass. Worked wonderefully. Raced to spider.

Second roll :
Got my hip push sweep countered by a BTT blue : he simply leaned into me as I attempted the sweep : the same way it's been countered before.

Got my omoplata sweep countered by mere force, maybe I need more force myself, or more tightness.
Got my tripod sweep with a blue and ended up in side control. Countered his counter to my omoplata sweep and closed my guard.

Fundamentals techniques : 
How to pull guard : Rest a foot straight on his hip, the one of which the arm is extended, and lean towards that arm as you go down.

Hip throw: From the clinch at an angle, step a foot forward, grip belt and opposite hand, place legs perpendicular and lift.

Kimura + hip bump sweep, however the combo we've been showed is opposite to whatever Btt shows. Georges could counter during practice with mere force quite easily.

Used my legs to pull in for the sweep combo, and it works wonders.

Attempted a triangle from de la riva and got passed as it backfired. Not a biggie, but expected.


Stolen techniques
From GB de la riva heel grab sweep : The opposite leg should be free. If it goes on the inside hip, first push on the knee. If the guy stretches out, can also push on the inner hip to bring him down.

Conclusions for the day

Proud that I chose to work open guard instead of closed, and it gave results! 
Some BTT stuff is worth keeping, other is good left out. 
Either way, the fundamentals here really complete my basics repertoire. 
There is no replacement for drilling. 
Two belts difference starts to be important. Anything less isn't that much.

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