Monday, October 4, 2010

July 28 5th day

July 28 5th day

Very happy. Relaxed.

Good competition from the guy who won the abu dhabi last year. He got two spinning armbars from side control, as well as a lame choke from deep north south (kinda lame on his part), but hey, it gets the submission done.

Worked BTT's magic from side control. Trapped the opposite arm with an underhook under the head. Attempted to pass the other arm around his head, but it failed, so I just half-assed it and tried to choke down. That failed miserably, so I had to resort to north south.

Transitioned to NS quite nicely, by trapping the hips with my hand. Forgot to trap the arm as well on the transition for the armbar technique.  In NS, trapped the arm with the leg properly, and started working the kimura. Tried to pry it off : remember to use the back muscles to pry it off next time. If he really defends, armbar.

Got submitted twice by spinning arm-bar. Tried the arm-bar escape, but his legs were pushing down very well. The escape's timing was a bit off, but anyway he was way too strong. Remember to go for the double leg when someone tries the spinning arm-bar on me.

Attempted a spiderguard standing sweep. Forgot that I actually have to go to the side.

Got my spiderguard passed as the guy put his knee between by legs. Went to side from there. Couldv'e extended the leg at that point. Could've went to de la riva as well from that pass attempt.

The difference between someone who succeeds in life and someone who doesn't, is how one deals with tough times.

Worked on what do do when someone takes double overhooks, from behind. Fall  the hips a bit lower, step one leg back behind his own leg. Grab both his legs behind the knees, and lift. Swivel the body around your hips, and land in knee on belly.

Sport jiu-jitsu
Yet another escape from side-control. Got tips on how to get double underhooks : simply bridge up, and while pushing with the outside elbow, sneak the arm inside. Scissor the legs, and go for a traditional double leg. ALternatively, bring one knee in, sprawl the other leg out. Get the head outsite opposide to the sprawled leg. Push and lift his legs to side control.

Thinking of buying a new Gi. Kinda lame to have one wet all the time.

Mental run through BTT white belt day 2
Half-guard butt arching with deep underhook
Half-guard overhook, turn around, sit hips down, pry the leg off.
Half-guard overhook, turn around, sit hips down, pry leg off, kimura.

Double sleeve overhead sweep, feet on hips
Tripod sweep, put shoulder really close to his leg. Cross-grip. Turn body to break his posture.
Failed tripod, omoplata sweep. Kick high on his armpit as the sweep is done.

Classic butterfly sweep. Kick the outside leg, head on the opposite side.
If the guy sprawls, go outside towards the direction pointed by his inside arm, while putting pressure on his outside leg.

Spider-guard sweep from standing. Underhook the far leg, straighten one leg.
Sickle sweep from standing. Cross-sleeve, hook the inside  leg, grab ankle across. Push on hip with free leg.

De la riva
Straight grip, push straight leg, mount.
De la riva overhead sweep. Foot on hips.

Chokes from the back
Over, under
Chicken wing
Pant-grab, leg overhook mean one.

Cross-grab open guard pass, Grab collar, pull in, side control
Underhook both legs in spiderguard, step over his arm, side control.

Side control inside, push both arms upwards, armbar roll, double leg.
Side control outside, open the leg as a door, push inwards
Armbar from mount : timing is very important. AT some point it's too late. Remember to cup the arm inside.
Back escape.
Omoplata jump over. Sprawl the leg outside if it's grabbed, and jump over
Triangle escape from choking down with trapped arm, as sprawled out, and grabbing base of his pants.
Crucifix escape

hip throw over, under
Outside leg hook.

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