Monday, October 4, 2010

July 29th 6th day

July 29th 6th day

A bit low on energy, but overall happy. Spiritual mood. Considering myself lucky a 4th degree black belt, with limited instruction space actually trains us. Happy that a blue from BTT came in.

Rolling observations
Worked from side-control with a stronger guy. Learned the importance of shoulder pressure when top side control, as well as how important the blade of the hand is. If the guy has a traditional double underhook, it's easier to work the bridge escape  from side control, then double under-hooks once the legs have scissored. Then it's possible to transition for the double-leg-like sweep, when you have double underhooks in turtle.

Did some crazy spinning as I got one hook out on a lighter guy, it looked cool and got me out of trouble. As a guy attempts the bridge escape, one transitions to scarf hold.  Then the other guy tries the shoulder roll scarf hold escape. 

Attempted a de la riva one leg down sweep, and it almost worked. The kimura from north south almost worked again, but forgot to use the lower back to control his arm. He was pretty strong, so whatever.
Observed that I go for the spinning armbar, and I block the hip. I Just need to block the arm a bit more. Noticed that this is the exact submission advanced white belts go for. Weird or maybe a sign. 

As I attempted the scarfhold, the guy based out with his free hand, and switch to side control. I then used the timing to try the second escape, but he switched again to scarfhold, holding me down. Eventually, i got my knee inside, and tried the bridge knee slide escape.

Got complimented on my strength, which was nothing more than timing and constant pressure, as well as the fancy legwork.

When in north south, and working  a kimura, what other options do I have ?
What do do when I have a kimura from side-control but I can't finish it for lack of strength? What am I doing wrong?
How do I switch from scarf-hold to the mount preparation ? Which grips do I use ?

Notes : review the scarf-hold shoulder roll escape.

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