Monday, October 4, 2010

July 30th 7th day

July 30th 7th day

No-gi followed by gi training.

Learned a kimura escape form butterfly(not like someone's going to try kimura from butterfly : Jumping over the head, and following up with an armbar.

Almost got the x-sweep : but forgot to stretch out the person's body first, before hooking.

Escaped side-control, back multiple times. Used the upa successfully on a judoka.

Questions : how do I control a standing guard pass in no-gi, from open guard ?
Why don't people tap when they cross their ankles?

Points to do better :
Over-under in mount, for chokes! Not double under.
Learn an anaconda escape and practice it.

Points I did good :
mount escape
back escape
tightness when working in closed guard, sweep attempts.
I should take my time a bit more when transitioning.

General points to consider :
Need more authority when doing a move, and that means timing, so practice.
One king of the mat = 2-3 classes.

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