Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18th 46 day

October 18th 46 day

Intetesting techniques

Tripod sweep
Straight grip
Half spider
Straight ankle grab
Straight foot on hip
Spider to behind the knee hook

Sparring notes
More angle for the kneeling spider sweep.
Passed a blue with knee skip butterfly
Almost passed once his spider guard using btt stuff again. Not guilty of using them since I worked my ass to learn them And paid for the priviledge.

Tried And almost got the petit bonhomme pass.

Scissor swept.

Almost got passed after a failed triangle. Swept to his back and escapes the guillotine with difficulty. Remember to push more into the choke and crossface.

Again, more angle for the kneeling spider sweep. Work for the underhook some more in butterfly. Swept a dude with butterfly since we luckily bumped into someone. Learn that it's ok to be passed by a white with some training as long as it's not submission. That's a bit shameful unless it's the first six months of blue.

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