Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7th 42nd day

October 7th 42nd day

Rolled with a brown belt who let me work wahtever escapes I know but he continually ended up in an s mount which was hard to bridge out of.

Learned the limits of the double lapel defense from the back. Eventually the person can sink the blade of the forearm under the chin and under the hands at which point it's game over. Maybe try putting the chin even lower into the chest to better defend. Combinewith triangling both arms atthe neck level. Managed to do a couple of triangle escapes which mostly worked unless he transitioned to armbar or omoplata. Wanted to get out of the plata but ue already had the pantleg and rolled on top, as I always do, except his timing was insane.

Rolled with a more experienced white who managed to rnc in that way and armbar by pulling the arm out even when I had it cupped properly.

Got in perfect position for an armbar but the dude simply stood up from it even with my lets properly placed. Worked the choke from the back when the opponent continues to grab his collars agressively. Managed to start choking him but ran our of time.

My back control seems a bit beginner-ish while my attacks are a bit better. Need to spend more time defending the back to be decent at it. Definetly a position I didnt practice well enough.

My positions in order of preference.
De la riva
Closed guard
Side top

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