Monday, October 4, 2010

September 1st 26 th day

September 1st 26 th day

Sparring notes
Top side contol on stronger ehavier bigger opponent. Never let me start heavy on him. Pushed up and hooked leg for half. Couldve let him grab it and pass properly.

From top got armbarred but escaped the second time. Irrespectful opponent had his nose up all the time. Pushed me away with his legs as I was standing up. Huge attitude this guy. Huge difference in the valueof training when rolling with more experienced guys.

Slightly smaller opponent about my size controlled and swept properly.

Half guard pass
From top hg
Opp has underhook
Opp is on his side
Opp has close head
Step over opp with free leg
Shoulder pressure
Free the leg by pushing on opp leg

Guillotine and escape

Side control escape
Seashell on hip
Forearm on neck
Bridge shrimp

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