Monday, October 4, 2010

September 7th 28th

September 7th 28th

Saw that I am leaving a lot of space while side controlling a guy. Saw a nice defense for north south: over under hook. Saw a nice defense from side control. Grab both collars and leave no space for a knee on belly by using the inside knee tomake space.

Worked a scarf hold successfull escape by barrl rolling over. Couldnt do much against the brown belt but thats ok.

Saw someone jump over for an arm triangle as he trapped the arm on the other side.

Should learn to keep hands in when defending on the bottom, always cpose to the neck across. The most important thing is survival in that position and it is acheived by cross grabbing.

Did good knee on belly jumpng and controlled so so. Need more practice with that transition.

Techniques: body fold inner leg hook takedown.

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