Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov 23 64th class

Did a proper warm-up about 30 minutes before class. During technique,
strained my neck as someone fell on my head and managed to crank it at
the same time. Heard a bunch of vertebrae popping, and so I have sore
neck muscles. Can't turn my head on one side at all without it hurting.

Without sounding all philosophical about it, it really was someone
else's fault, and not really an accident. We were practicing breakfalls,
and there was another group just behind me. I was pushed first and I
started my break fall. As I was touching down, the other group decided
to do it at the same time, and the "accident" ensued. I'm glad I don't
know who it was, so I have no hard feelings toward the person, but the
accident does say something about the Fundamentals class : it's better
avoided, especially when crowded. Newbies are dangerous!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov 22 63rd day

Nov 22 63rd day

One class. Closed guardwork. Scissor sweep and xchoke. Successfully got working the over under xchoke by properly placing the first hand deep enough.

Sparring notes
D. Peacticed the Roger Gracie sequence for opening the guard by standing. Countered a double ankle by first basing then pushing hips forward. Passed once like this.

Second time I had to push on the knee from standing. Made the mistake of not pinning it long enogh and had to work from half. Tried the rg sequence and workes myself up to a double underhook pass. Worked like a charm.

The third time around I got caught in a weird fifty fifty like position for a while.

Broke posture by flaring out the free elbow and attempted a few xchokes. Scissor swept a few times by pushing the knee he based out on. Good control while on top.

Cris. Started on my back. He kept control of my wrists the entire time so it was hard for both him and he to do much. Tired him out instead. He had to take a break as he gassed out. Worked him from a high guard with omoplata transition attemps and kimura attempts as his weight was down on me. Dude way too strong for me to do whatever with my arm if he grabbed it. Hell, i was twisting his fingers with his gi all the way and he wasn't letting go.

On top, got his guard open and worked from half. He gassed again. Passed about once or twice.

Third guy was my size and maybe 10 lbs less and as strong physically. Bull pass once. Must remember to curl his legs and put them more convincingly on one side. Tried the Rg sequence and ended up in fifty fifty. Based out and passed eventually as we transitioned to half. He protected the rg z guard pass bygrabbing his own top ankle( interesting. That's then I put space in between and bull passed. The second time around, simply put my weight on his ankle and passed. Doesn't seem like good practice to my eyes.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov 19 62nd day

Nov 19 62nd day

Roger Gracie seminar.

The class was separated in about five different sets of techniques, going from the closed guard all the way to finishing from the mount. Everything was shown from the attacker's point of view.

From the closed guard:
Keep the right hand locked at the elbow. Grab both lapels with your main hand and keep a neutral posture. Bend the wrist and lay the hand on the person's chest, resting over your own fingers. Twist the grip slightly to avoid having the person break up the grip by pulling on her lapels.

Right leg goes up. Loosen up the collar grip and squat. Prepare for the double ankle. When the person opens up the legs to go for it, push hips forward and trap their armmwith your leg as you pass.

In case the person doesn't go for the double ankle sweep, classic guard opening by pushing the knee down.

From the Z guard. Keep control of the trapped leg with both one arm and your own knee. Lift the defendant's top leg by underhooking it at the ankle level and grab the opposite lapel for the pass. If the person defends by pushing the hip, go for the double underhook pass.

Second Z guard pass
If you can't underhook at the ankle level the top leg, grab the person's other knee by looping between the lower and upper leg and use hip movement by turning your back to the attacker and kicking the leg free.

From side to mount
Swim the arm closest to your body away using your knees. Hold the belt with your free hand as you transition to the mount preparation. Stepvermount or slide your own leg using your arm. Brace yourself for bridges from your opponent. Base with the left free leg.

From the mount
For the crosschoke. Slide higher towards the persons chest by blocking the shoulders with your arms or grabbing the head of the person. Insert the first grip by pushing it in with your own hip. Connect your eblow with your hip and go down using your head. Base with your head and maybe shave the cheek to get the thumb in finishing the choke.

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15 61st day

November 15 61st day

One class was enough for today.

Inner leg hook takedown from a double underhook at the waist, straght on.

Advanced techniques

Overhead sweep as a counter to a double leg. Grab the belt and underhook the other arm at the shoulder. While sitting down, lift the opponent's leg on the side with the underhook.

Sparring notes

Sparred with M. Played with the opposite shoulder grab from side control. It seems to force the person on top to align the chest properly while opening up for a stepover mount. Transitioned from scarf and back to side. Used Mark's trick of tapping the leg to fake a stepover mount then complete it for real. From the bottom, I could not insert my knee after a hip bump. Must remember the proper grips and to hook the leg if possible. Lost a scramble as I walked directly into an armbar.

Rolled with ...
From under, managed to either catch half guard in mid transition to a stepover mount or simply bump the other person full on.

Third round was extremely technical: a very tight war on space as the person was smaller than me and pretty much as technical. Felt as if I was fighting myself. Transitioned to kob a few times and back down to scarf while on bottom. He defended beautifully my hip bump attempts. Maybe the timing was wrong since he was kinda expecting them judging from the counter pressure he put on. He didnt get mount from there since I caught his hald guard. We decided to continue and he slowly continued his transition while fighting inch after inch for mount. Must learn to work from deep half as well. I lost deep half on all my partners. Need to study the position more.

Armbar defense from the guard. Stack the attacker straight above his hips. Grab the the forearm with the arm in danger. Grab the pants at the knee of the opponent while stacking. Hop the hand free while keeping constant pressure.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nov 13 60th class

Nov 13 60th class
Competition class followed by open mat.
The competition class was very interesting. First, we started off with an intense warmup, composed in part of rope climbing, burpees and the like. Then, we had a few rounds of "stalling", where we alternated between being the staller and the agressor, both on top and bottom of the closed guard. Noticed that it takes an inordinate amount of strength to hold someone down for so long and not go for attacks. You eventually tire out. It's actually more difficult to hold someone down when you're on the bottom than the opposite. Gravity anyone?
Then, we had us a few rounds of king of the mat, starting up. Got a few single leg takedowns, as well as a successful guard pull. Someone also pulled guard on me as well. Noticed that, at times, I would slightly lose my balance while on top half guard, and an experienced blue belt(almost purple), noticed it and took advantage of it. Got a nice armbar from a triangle attempt in a subsequent fight, as well as a few other attacks on someone else. Felt that this third person wouldn't really want to fight (or maybe have the strength to do so). Oh well... I noticed how the level of aggression goes up with competition rolls, and I kinda like it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 11 59th class

Nov 11 59th class

Two classes.

Thinking of cutting down on the number of hours spent training, as I might be less dead at the end of the week.

Sparred with D smaller stronger less technical
Tried to slide my knee over from kob to mount but he grabbed it midway. Nice timing for grabbing the ankle in half. Understood my mistake a bit later thanks to V. Passed once as I transitioned from a shoulder pressure to a stepover mount. Passed another time with a knee slide. Protected my neck better than yesterday as I was very focused on it. Got to my knees a good number of times. Got the need for the escape as the guy was putting pressure back with a sprawl. Interesting as he was pushing on my free hip to avoid the spinning armbar.

Sparred with v taller stronger more technical
Lost the position from the top once due to the angle of my knee over his belly as he simply grabbed half. Fought very tightly for the underhook. He once grabbed my neck in a triangle from side as I was holdig my head high near his hips. Most remember to keep lower and closer to his chest. Swept him once and he based out. Swept him successfully once and got full guard.

Sparred with al big guy taller stronger less technical
Got easily out of side to either my knees and een put hum in his back as he was out of balance and strength. While on top, held him nicely down and transitioned to a good kob. Had his arm at one point but he wrestled out.

Sparred with G taller stronger less technical
Held him in a mix of spider guard with a few sweep attempts and de la riva guard. He wasnt muscling his way through either, ao I played open guard for about five minutes without being passed.

Sparred with the lil guy smaller less strong more technical
Good defense overall. Swept him once and got butterfly swept but didn't lose position. Had an over under but he escaped smoothly and put me on the side. Must learn the escape myself. He based out quicker than I did and went for a sprawl himself. Offbalanced him and took top but the round ended.

Sparred with Al2 bigger stronger almost hard to tell
Some open guard work. Had to work from under, obviously. Swept him at the end of the session. He managed an over under from back control I escaped decently. This must be the first big guy to successfully get my back. As it was my last roll Of the week, I am not that surprised, but oh well.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 10 58th day

Nov 10 58th day

Two hour format

Went in to train psychologically tired and with a sore neck. Walked out smiling after two hours of training. Finished a good seven rolls in total. As it's childish to count rolling submissions,'lets just say the tally was positive for me.

Rolled with M
Fun technical game. Good control but sometimes hard to grab a good over under.

Rolled with D
Got me in a pointless front headlock, mounted him once and he gained half once. Fine training.

Rolled with juan, or better said, flowed with him which was mutually enriching. Recovered after one of his succesful sweeps by sweeping again. He couldn't get me off mount whichwas sweeeeeeet.

Armbar to omo. Trap the dude's arm with your leg but also grab your knee and his belt. It's all about the angles.

Takedown switch from single to double. Remember to keep pushimg one side and block the grounded foot as the transition is made.

Rolled with M
Very fun technical roll. Swept her once or twice. Started off a bit lazy but turned up thr notch progressively.

Rolled with a big btt dude
Some inverted guard play. Got mount using balance.'let the dude work his escapes. Worked from his back which kinda frustrated him a bit. Used the based leg to lean him on y strong side. Swept him to mount from a sort of an open guard while on my back.

Rolled with v
Decent defense from guard and very nice balance. Overall a nice guy to roll with when hes not in competition mode. Worked from butterfly and he swept me but then eorked from half. Swept him using my overhead leg kick but he got on all fours faster than I could and grabbed my neck. Known problem, thank you.

Rolled with cy
Technical rolling. Discussed darce and anaconda. Tried to pass my guard but was protecting pretty damn well.
Must learn frickin escapes from when under a persons sprawl on all fours and he grabs my neck. Need a proper answer.

Honestly kinda perexed at how smooth my timing is and at what I can do. Worked flexibility after class as usual.

Note to self: Mat time doesn't lie.
Love how jiujitsu keeps me thinking after rolling is over.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9th 57th day

One class: fundamentals. Had to skip the second class, since food was coming back.

Double under-hook front bear hug escape to clinch and hip throw. Two transitions to mount from side.

Sparred with the same little guy who managed to triangle me yesterday. He started in bottom and repeatedly refused to let me grab a good side control on him before starring to escape: he turned to his side and put his elbow to the floor. After his second escape, started to put a lot more pressure and used force to gain a good side against him. Managed to get mount at least once.

Note to self: protect the neck better: don't let people grab any lapel, ever. Chose to put the ego aside and avoid getting my spine cracked as I got my own weight and his own on my neck. Tapped for safety even though I wouldn't in a real situation. Must remember to leave the ego at the door.

Second roll was with D. Managed to sweep him once as he overcommitted on a knee slide pass and forgot to base out with his head or hand. Second round I managed to shrimp out but he grabbed my neck. Got his hands off me but he used his legs on my neck as he was now down. Pulled the legs off but he started to work a guillotine. Defended it while standing up. Ended up having to half ass the standing guillotine escape and ended up in bottom half with his arms relatively tight around my neck. Started wiggling out and called the win. On top, he offered me his arms twice to armbar from knee on belly, which was fun to watch.

Switched to a starting top position with a head and arm. Tried knee sliding but got away with simply stepping over, as he wasn't blocking with his knee. The next round managed a knee slide pass.

Started on the bottom against the third opponent who was kind enough to have a stinky gi. Note to self to avoid rolling with him in the future. Grabbed either half or got to my knees after bridging. Must remember to not halfass technique and use the proper bridge under-hook escape as taught in the fundamentals as it definitely stops the person from grabbing my neck. On the top gained the mount by stepping over from the modified half. Got a couple of knee on bellies.

Thinking if I should start to go either less often or roll with more technical guys. Newbies tend to be a lot of work and lack common sense sometimes. Maybe I had enough of the fundamentals class. For maximizing my potential I should definitely continue going, but from a purely fun perspective, I shouldn't make a priority out of going to the fundamentals, or if I do, roll with advanced guys who tend to be scarce.

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8 56th day

Two classes.

Front under hook bear hug escape. Push the assailant's hips away and under-hook one of his arms afyer creating thr necessary space. Hip throw from the clinch.

Fundamentals rolling with three guys. As I was defending, noticed the moments when people were overcomitting to one side before simply bridging them off with a barrel roll. Worked an armbar from knee on belly using the usual sequence.

1. Transitions from scarf to hundred kilos to north south and back were pretty nice.
2. Nice off balancing of opponents.
3 good timing for half guard grabbing.
4 good base when about to be swept with a barrel roll. Kept a good control throughout.

1 need to find a way to better defend when people frame even with one hand, especially big guys, when they use that distance to bridge me over their shoulder.

Advanced class

Happy I was able to complete all four five minute rolls in addition to the three six minute one from the fundamentals. Fatigue showed itself in crappier timing and a general scrambling for position after giving half of my back. Completed a good forty minutes of rolling all in all. Did a bit of grip fighting from standing at the beginning of the class, which was immensely useful.

Escape a sleeve by circling around the attacker's wrist. The top lapel grip is broken by grabbing under and over the sleeve and pushing it down while pumping the chest forward.

Rolled with a no gi turned gi player and worked from seatbelt control. Tried to get my hooks in using the gb technique but its not polished enough.

1. Could've tried the clock choke from the seatbelt control. Fought and controlled a decent white bigger stronger than me. The second half he controlled me more than I controlled him.

2. swept a two year plus blue from half as he was trying to go to mount from half. Good timing on that move. Felt that he was already defending my counters for the rest of the roll. Survived, however without tapping.

3. Survived against another mid level blue belt as well. Observed that my grips were sometimes wrongly placed while in open guard. Should've transitioned to spider guard as he was pushing his knee into my de la riva hook and do the tripod one or to sweep.

4 worked with an extremely small guy whose game was extremely tight on me. As i tied to scramble out of half out of desperation, I swept him but he caught me in a triangle armbar combo I was too tired defending, so he got the tap. Ended up in top half but the bell rang before I could attack some more. Once again, the level of tightness of that guy's game is insane. Stuff that was working against taller dudes simply didn't against him.

Should learn to either not give my back so much or learn my escapes better.

Nice timing for regaining half.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 4th 55 day

November 4th 55 day

Two class format. Tooled a blue belt my size as well as white belts i rolled with. Very proud of my performance, even though I was not in a competitive mood..

Good moves
1 transitions to submissions from the guard
2 Timing, in general.

Nov 1st 52nd day

Nov 1st 52nd day

Another guy from btt walks in, thanks to Juan again.

Standing headlock escape. Glue hips while standing straight and get out from under the lock.

Same movement from the ground but first to protect an over under Grab the overhook at the elbow and over the overhook hand.

1 didnt tap to when in painful half guard.

Rolled with D and showed him proper hand placement, he was happy to learn. Sweeped him a couple times a sign my scissor is dangerous.

Grappled with. 6ft 4 giant but not that strong. Had to stand up to open his guard. Rolled him as he lost his balance a bit.

Showed a beginnimg chinese person how to do the triangle.

Rolled with a stronger bigger more advanced guy but we werent very successful either except for a double ankle sweep on my part which ended in laughter.

Rolled with a small but quick as lightning guy. after a few mistakes he ended up taking the back. Glad that happened which means I need to work my open guard some more, especially guard placement. Good americana defense

1 good guard replacement from half
2 nice double ankle
3 nice scissor
4 good at opening guards

Nov 2nd 53 rd day

Nov 2nd 53 rd day

Only one class: basics. High-paced rolls from guard. Notes taken a day after so hard to rememer other than it was fun.

Nov 3 54 th day

Nov 3 54 th day

Two classes. Bad side escape from a ba k take: tuck chin and tuck under the arm.

1. Awesome attacks from guard high grip. Xchoke armbar triangle work like a charm together.
2. Some nice shrimping when guad about to get passed.
3. Good attacks from top half guard when the poor soul exposes his arm.
4. Nice pass on the knees stacking opposite lapel grab.
5. Nice grip breaking when dudes try passing on their knees with the followup high grip grab.
6. Nice base when about to get swept by John.
7. Nice pass stop against the tall dude with leg placement.
8. Nice kimura shrimping escape but try a bit more to protect the hand.
9 Good reflexes while protectimg the neck.
10 nice defense from the xchoke while on bottom
11 Nice protecting when bottom half. Not gettimg punked with the ameeicana.
12 sweet transition to shrimp escape from bottom half after opponent works my arm.

1 scrambled to my knees against a blue without tucking my elbows properly in.
2. Should learn to break the standard wrist grab in top guard.

Choked with an over under from half back take.
Tooled a one stripe dude
Kimurad d