Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 10 58th day

Nov 10 58th day

Two hour format

Went in to train psychologically tired and with a sore neck. Walked out smiling after two hours of training. Finished a good seven rolls in total. As it's childish to count rolling submissions,'lets just say the tally was positive for me.

Rolled with M
Fun technical game. Good control but sometimes hard to grab a good over under.

Rolled with D
Got me in a pointless front headlock, mounted him once and he gained half once. Fine training.

Rolled with juan, or better said, flowed with him which was mutually enriching. Recovered after one of his succesful sweeps by sweeping again. He couldn't get me off mount whichwas sweeeeeeet.

Armbar to omo. Trap the dude's arm with your leg but also grab your knee and his belt. It's all about the angles.

Takedown switch from single to double. Remember to keep pushimg one side and block the grounded foot as the transition is made.

Rolled with M
Very fun technical roll. Swept her once or twice. Started off a bit lazy but turned up thr notch progressively.

Rolled with a big btt dude
Some inverted guard play. Got mount using balance.'let the dude work his escapes. Worked from his back which kinda frustrated him a bit. Used the based leg to lean him on y strong side. Swept him to mount from a sort of an open guard while on my back.

Rolled with v
Decent defense from guard and very nice balance. Overall a nice guy to roll with when hes not in competition mode. Worked from butterfly and he swept me but then eorked from half. Swept him using my overhead leg kick but he got on all fours faster than I could and grabbed my neck. Known problem, thank you.

Rolled with cy
Technical rolling. Discussed darce and anaconda. Tried to pass my guard but was protecting pretty damn well.
Must learn frickin escapes from when under a persons sprawl on all fours and he grabs my neck. Need a proper answer.

Honestly kinda perexed at how smooth my timing is and at what I can do. Worked flexibility after class as usual.

Note to self: Mat time doesn't lie.
Love how jiujitsu keeps me thinking after rolling is over.

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