Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nov 13 60th class

Nov 13 60th class
Competition class followed by open mat.
The competition class was very interesting. First, we started off with an intense warmup, composed in part of rope climbing, burpees and the like. Then, we had a few rounds of "stalling", where we alternated between being the staller and the agressor, both on top and bottom of the closed guard. Noticed that it takes an inordinate amount of strength to hold someone down for so long and not go for attacks. You eventually tire out. It's actually more difficult to hold someone down when you're on the bottom than the opposite. Gravity anyone?
Then, we had us a few rounds of king of the mat, starting up. Got a few single leg takedowns, as well as a successful guard pull. Someone also pulled guard on me as well. Noticed that, at times, I would slightly lose my balance while on top half guard, and an experienced blue belt(almost purple), noticed it and took advantage of it. Got a nice armbar from a triangle attempt in a subsequent fight, as well as a few other attacks on someone else. Felt that this third person wouldn't really want to fight (or maybe have the strength to do so). Oh well... I noticed how the level of aggression goes up with competition rolls, and I kinda like it.

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