Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov 19 62nd day

Nov 19 62nd day

Roger Gracie seminar.

The class was separated in about five different sets of techniques, going from the closed guard all the way to finishing from the mount. Everything was shown from the attacker's point of view.

From the closed guard:
Keep the right hand locked at the elbow. Grab both lapels with your main hand and keep a neutral posture. Bend the wrist and lay the hand on the person's chest, resting over your own fingers. Twist the grip slightly to avoid having the person break up the grip by pulling on her lapels.

Right leg goes up. Loosen up the collar grip and squat. Prepare for the double ankle. When the person opens up the legs to go for it, push hips forward and trap their armmwith your leg as you pass.

In case the person doesn't go for the double ankle sweep, classic guard opening by pushing the knee down.

From the Z guard. Keep control of the trapped leg with both one arm and your own knee. Lift the defendant's top leg by underhooking it at the ankle level and grab the opposite lapel for the pass. If the person defends by pushing the hip, go for the double underhook pass.

Second Z guard pass
If you can't underhook at the ankle level the top leg, grab the person's other knee by looping between the lower and upper leg and use hip movement by turning your back to the attacker and kicking the leg free.

From side to mount
Swim the arm closest to your body away using your knees. Hold the belt with your free hand as you transition to the mount preparation. Stepvermount or slide your own leg using your arm. Brace yourself for bridges from your opponent. Base with the left free leg.

From the mount
For the crosschoke. Slide higher towards the persons chest by blocking the shoulders with your arms or grabbing the head of the person. Insert the first grip by pushing it in with your own hip. Connect your eblow with your hip and go down using your head. Base with your head and maybe shave the cheek to get the thumb in finishing the choke.

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