Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nov 1st 52nd day

Nov 1st 52nd day

Another guy from btt walks in, thanks to Juan again.

Standing headlock escape. Glue hips while standing straight and get out from under the lock.

Same movement from the ground but first to protect an over under Grab the overhook at the elbow and over the overhook hand.

1 didnt tap to when in painful half guard.

Rolled with D and showed him proper hand placement, he was happy to learn. Sweeped him a couple times a sign my scissor is dangerous.

Grappled with. 6ft 4 giant but not that strong. Had to stand up to open his guard. Rolled him as he lost his balance a bit.

Showed a beginnimg chinese person how to do the triangle.

Rolled with a stronger bigger more advanced guy but we werent very successful either except for a double ankle sweep on my part which ended in laughter.

Rolled with a small but quick as lightning guy. after a few mistakes he ended up taking the back. Glad that happened which means I need to work my open guard some more, especially guard placement. Good americana defense

1 good guard replacement from half
2 nice double ankle
3 nice scissor
4 good at opening guards

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