Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov 22 63rd day

Nov 22 63rd day

One class. Closed guardwork. Scissor sweep and xchoke. Successfully got working the over under xchoke by properly placing the first hand deep enough.

Sparring notes
D. Peacticed the Roger Gracie sequence for opening the guard by standing. Countered a double ankle by first basing then pushing hips forward. Passed once like this.

Second time I had to push on the knee from standing. Made the mistake of not pinning it long enogh and had to work from half. Tried the rg sequence and workes myself up to a double underhook pass. Worked like a charm.

The third time around I got caught in a weird fifty fifty like position for a while.

Broke posture by flaring out the free elbow and attempted a few xchokes. Scissor swept a few times by pushing the knee he based out on. Good control while on top.

Cris. Started on my back. He kept control of my wrists the entire time so it was hard for both him and he to do much. Tired him out instead. He had to take a break as he gassed out. Worked him from a high guard with omoplata transition attemps and kimura attempts as his weight was down on me. Dude way too strong for me to do whatever with my arm if he grabbed it. Hell, i was twisting his fingers with his gi all the way and he wasn't letting go.

On top, got his guard open and worked from half. He gassed again. Passed about once or twice.

Third guy was my size and maybe 10 lbs less and as strong physically. Bull pass once. Must remember to curl his legs and put them more convincingly on one side. Tried the Rg sequence and ended up in fifty fifty. Based out and passed eventually as we transitioned to half. He protected the rg z guard pass bygrabbing his own top ankle( interesting. That's then I put space in between and bull passed. The second time around, simply put my weight on his ankle and passed. Doesn't seem like good practice to my eyes.

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