Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov 23 64th class

Did a proper warm-up about 30 minutes before class. During technique,
strained my neck as someone fell on my head and managed to crank it at
the same time. Heard a bunch of vertebrae popping, and so I have sore
neck muscles. Can't turn my head on one side at all without it hurting.

Without sounding all philosophical about it, it really was someone
else's fault, and not really an accident. We were practicing breakfalls,
and there was another group just behind me. I was pushed first and I
started my break fall. As I was touching down, the other group decided
to do it at the same time, and the "accident" ensued. I'm glad I don't
know who it was, so I have no hard feelings toward the person, but the
accident does say something about the Fundamentals class : it's better
avoided, especially when crowded. Newbies are dangerous!

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