Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nov 3 54 th day

Nov 3 54 th day

Two classes. Bad side escape from a ba k take: tuck chin and tuck under the arm.

1. Awesome attacks from guard high grip. Xchoke armbar triangle work like a charm together.
2. Some nice shrimping when guad about to get passed.
3. Good attacks from top half guard when the poor soul exposes his arm.
4. Nice pass on the knees stacking opposite lapel grab.
5. Nice grip breaking when dudes try passing on their knees with the followup high grip grab.
6. Nice base when about to get swept by John.
7. Nice pass stop against the tall dude with leg placement.
8. Nice kimura shrimping escape but try a bit more to protect the hand.
9 Good reflexes while protectimg the neck.
10 nice defense from the xchoke while on bottom
11 Nice protecting when bottom half. Not gettimg punked with the ameeicana.
12 sweet transition to shrimp escape from bottom half after opponent works my arm.

1 scrambled to my knees against a blue without tucking my elbows properly in.
2. Should learn to break the standard wrist grab in top guard.

Choked with an over under from half back take.
Tooled a one stripe dude
Kimurad d

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