Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8 56th day

Two classes.

Front under hook bear hug escape. Push the assailant's hips away and under-hook one of his arms afyer creating thr necessary space. Hip throw from the clinch.

Fundamentals rolling with three guys. As I was defending, noticed the moments when people were overcomitting to one side before simply bridging them off with a barrel roll. Worked an armbar from knee on belly using the usual sequence.

1. Transitions from scarf to hundred kilos to north south and back were pretty nice.
2. Nice off balancing of opponents.
3 good timing for half guard grabbing.
4 good base when about to be swept with a barrel roll. Kept a good control throughout.

1 need to find a way to better defend when people frame even with one hand, especially big guys, when they use that distance to bridge me over their shoulder.

Advanced class

Happy I was able to complete all four five minute rolls in addition to the three six minute one from the fundamentals. Fatigue showed itself in crappier timing and a general scrambling for position after giving half of my back. Completed a good forty minutes of rolling all in all. Did a bit of grip fighting from standing at the beginning of the class, which was immensely useful.

Escape a sleeve by circling around the attacker's wrist. The top lapel grip is broken by grabbing under and over the sleeve and pushing it down while pumping the chest forward.

Rolled with a no gi turned gi player and worked from seatbelt control. Tried to get my hooks in using the gb technique but its not polished enough.

1. Could've tried the clock choke from the seatbelt control. Fought and controlled a decent white bigger stronger than me. The second half he controlled me more than I controlled him.

2. swept a two year plus blue from half as he was trying to go to mount from half. Good timing on that move. Felt that he was already defending my counters for the rest of the roll. Survived, however without tapping.

3. Survived against another mid level blue belt as well. Observed that my grips were sometimes wrongly placed while in open guard. Should've transitioned to spider guard as he was pushing his knee into my de la riva hook and do the tripod one or to sweep.

4 worked with an extremely small guy whose game was extremely tight on me. As i tied to scramble out of half out of desperation, I swept him but he caught me in a triangle armbar combo I was too tired defending, so he got the tap. Ended up in top half but the bell rang before I could attack some more. Once again, the level of tightness of that guy's game is insane. Stuff that was working against taller dudes simply didn't against him.

Should learn to either not give my back so much or learn my escapes better.

Nice timing for regaining half.

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