Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9th 57th day

One class: fundamentals. Had to skip the second class, since food was coming back.

Double under-hook front bear hug escape to clinch and hip throw. Two transitions to mount from side.

Sparred with the same little guy who managed to triangle me yesterday. He started in bottom and repeatedly refused to let me grab a good side control on him before starring to escape: he turned to his side and put his elbow to the floor. After his second escape, started to put a lot more pressure and used force to gain a good side against him. Managed to get mount at least once.

Note to self: protect the neck better: don't let people grab any lapel, ever. Chose to put the ego aside and avoid getting my spine cracked as I got my own weight and his own on my neck. Tapped for safety even though I wouldn't in a real situation. Must remember to leave the ego at the door.

Second roll was with D. Managed to sweep him once as he overcommitted on a knee slide pass and forgot to base out with his head or hand. Second round I managed to shrimp out but he grabbed my neck. Got his hands off me but he used his legs on my neck as he was now down. Pulled the legs off but he started to work a guillotine. Defended it while standing up. Ended up having to half ass the standing guillotine escape and ended up in bottom half with his arms relatively tight around my neck. Started wiggling out and called the win. On top, he offered me his arms twice to armbar from knee on belly, which was fun to watch.

Switched to a starting top position with a head and arm. Tried knee sliding but got away with simply stepping over, as he wasn't blocking with his knee. The next round managed a knee slide pass.

Started on the bottom against the third opponent who was kind enough to have a stinky gi. Note to self to avoid rolling with him in the future. Grabbed either half or got to my knees after bridging. Must remember to not halfass technique and use the proper bridge under-hook escape as taught in the fundamentals as it definitely stops the person from grabbing my neck. On the top gained the mount by stepping over from the modified half. Got a couple of knee on bellies.

Thinking if I should start to go either less often or roll with more technical guys. Newbies tend to be a lot of work and lack common sense sometimes. Maybe I had enough of the fundamentals class. For maximizing my potential I should definitely continue going, but from a purely fun perspective, I shouldn't make a priority out of going to the fundamentals, or if I do, roll with advanced guys who tend to be scarce.

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