Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec 21 75th class

Dec 21 75th class

One class. Worked from side control. Double underhook front bear hug escape: push your opponent's hips away from yours and squeeze your elbows together, breaking the person's grips. Underhook the side away from your head and transition to the safe clinch. Hip throw from there but remember to drag the second leg inside his own legs for adequate power and balance.

Sparring notes
Held all of my opponents down except for two accidents. One happened when a super strong guy managed to roll me over his shoulder with a barrel roll even though my balance was almost perfect. The second mistake happened when the opponent had half and for lack of adequate pressure he transitioned to full guard.

Tips for myself:
1. Two hands on one is safe from top side control when hunting for that free kimura. The guy is mostly into getting his hand out od there anyway.'If he attempts to spin his way out of it, I at least have a kimura control or free armbar.

2. Walk the fingers and open my own elbow from a head And arm side mount to make space. Force with my knee even more to slide.

3. If an opponent gets inside his inner hand when i am going for a stepover mount, put my palm on the ground at his armpit and replace it with my knee, since I should be having his other armpit underhooked.

4 Need to work my half guard from the bottom. I get stuck too often into it. I usually work for a z guard transition or a butterfly transition. Moat times, I fight for dear life in that position. At least I should remember to continue hunting for that underhook, which I do, more or less knowledgebly, and go for a belt control. Keep my far shoulder OFF the frickin mat.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20 74th class

Dec 20 74th class

Worked two classes, to exhaustion. Worked so hard, had trouble walking or getting up from a chair.

The two mount options from side control. If the opponent is crossfacing, grab that armpit by grabbing under his neck. Isolate his second hand using your legs. Push his legs to one side and stepover. Connectyour leg to his hip and transition.

The second works if he doesn't crossface and lets you grab a monkeygrip head and arm. Crossface with your own shoulder and stretch his far arm out by walking your fingers. Slide the knee through but bring it as high in his far side armpit as possible before sliding your shin.

Advanced techniques
Outer leg hook setup from standing high neck and elbow grip. Step the dominant leg back and fake steppig the other one. As the opponent follows, step your weak leg near his dominant leg. Push with your dominant hand and use the body weight to hook at the knee level.

Half guard pass.
Same grips as the first fundamentals technique. The second hand grabs his knee. Once the foot gets free, step it really back and base with it.

Donovan, bald blue belt and four striper.
On top, I generally take my time and establish good grips and transition between the two techniques. Got caught in half once as I rushed the knee slide. Mounted the blue belt and he won position once as well. Offbalanced the four striper a good number of times.

Advanced sparring
Falled back very often to half guard for lack of positive leg placement most of the time. Worked from butterfly and gave up half frommthere quite often. Got kimurad or americanad from bottommhalf a lot. Be wary of the outer hand placement in bottommhalf more.

Passed a four years guard once but he recovered quickly after and trned up the heat. Worked from the bottom afterwards.

Proud I didn't turn down any offer for rolling even though I was severely gassed. Tapped about four times to kimuras one rnc and one weird stacking.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec 16 73rd class

Dec 16 73rd class

Sparring notes

1. Continue pushing the hips forward when standing up from the petit bonhomme position.

2. Grab own shin after breaking posture right after the omoplata sweep.

3. Grab both arms for the overhead standing de la riva sweep.

4. Belt control.

5. Head control.

6. Try spider de la riva control more often.

7. Pinch the knees even more when going for an armbar from mount especially.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dec 15 72nd class

Dec 15 72nd class

One hour format. Had to skip the previous day since the washing machine was offline again.

Changed the way I rolled today: slowed down all of my movements. Question: what happened after my omoplata sweep that allowed the person to gain top?

Sparred with M, and two other people my size and weight. Went for the hip lapel knee push guard opening multiple times. Got good success out of it since I was tucking one knee in and offsetting the other one at the back. Remember to put more pressure on the side which is underhooked.

Passed a number of times by pushing my hips way forward and underhooking one leg.

Remember to transition to triangle after a messed up omoplata sweep.

Continue underhooking the leg closest to my head when breaking posture with a triangle to mount.
Continue adjusting the triangle and look for omoplatas and armbars.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec 9 70th class

Two classes, including the advanced class' warmup. I am a beast.

Transition to x-guard from a failed standing butterfly guard sweep. Grab the ankle near the head by wrapping it with your own lapel. Get as close as possible to the opponent's ankle. With your outer leg, hook at the knee your opponent's. With your other leg, hook the same leg, but under your own ankle. To sweep, push forward in the direction of the X and do a technical stand-up.

Spider-guard sweep. Similar to the knee sweep done by under hooking the leg. GB do it the opposite way from the knees, that is overhead. They place the second foot on the person's knee after they get a proper angle. They continue hooking the half-spider guard with a stiff knee and push and pull while keeping the sleeve trapped on the open side.

Rolling points
  1. Remember to break posture when catching someone with a triangle, by grabbing the ankle, and work for that angle!
  2. Stand up faster after an omoplata sweep, don't let the guy get on top.
  3. Be more careful whenever establishing a higher mount on someone, prepare for their upa.
  4. My centre of gravity while in S-mount should be centered on his chest.
  5. Continue under hooking the leg while doing the flower sweep, it really adds power. However, when the opponent is already off-balance, it works even without.
  6. While passing guard over the knee, and to avoid getting stuck in half guard, remember to replace the ankle which is about to pass over with the other ankle.
  7. Get a deeper grip for the x-choke.
  8. Learn to shrimp after a failed triangle – a VERY valuable skill.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec 13 71th class

Dec 13 71th class

One hour: fundamentals.

Sparring notes:
Worked from closed guard, alternating the starting position. Sparred with three people. One about my size, a very tall guy and a very fat/strong guy. Got in a dangerous position and almost enough to get passed. Passed everyone and got one sub as well as two sweeps. Got caught in a triangle I escaped by laying to the ground the top knee and pushing inwards. Personally, I find it higher percentage than the stacking one. It maybe works better in mma when armbars aren't as dangerous as in a gi.

Omoata swept the first partner and alternated between omoplata and triangles from the high guard. Got into trouble once as he broke my guard open and got ready for a pass, but we ran out of space. Time ran out with me breaking open his Z guard.

Tried breaking the second person's guard from the knees, but his legs were way too long for any leverage to be applied on his ankle. Went for a standing pass which worked. He tried to hold my weight with his arms but he had to let go. Observed how his pass attempts were well thought out, but lacking a few details to really make them work.

Started on the bottom of the 250+ lbs guy. He tried to choke me from my own guard. Pushed his weight with my legs on his hips and used knee on biceps to support his weight. Went for a good number of sweep atttempts but he would not budge, a sign that my timing needs work.

While on top, passed his half guard a few times and applied an ezequiel on him on his windpipe imstead of the corotid.

Continue shin on biceps.
Find moments when it's safe to slow down and relax.
Perfect the details of an omoplata sweep.
Grab the damn shin when prepping a triangle and underhook the right knee.

450 629 8510 h

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dec 8 69th class

Dec 8 69th class

Technique notes
In a previous school, I've learned a spider guard sweep from the knees which is acheived by underhooking one ofthe opponents knees and driving his weight with a stiff leg overhead, to the side. I am very pleasently surprised to see it done from standing with exactly the same setup. The only downside I see to it is that its low percentage against most people and relatively easy to defend with posture and by walking the free leg.

Saw the xguard for the same time ever with a sweep. Underhook at the knee with the right leg under the opponents roght knee and put the left leg over your right by hooking yet again.

Sparring notes
Three rounds. One with D, another with a big blue belt and a third with a super strong dude about my build.

High intensity sparrimg with D. Started bottom of the closed guard. Iwas consistently holding down one of his arms in preparation for armbar flower combo. As i was trying to get the angle he got up and I locked a triangle. He postured and fimished with an armbar.

Second round, he managed to get up but with a messedup posture. Worked for an armbar but ended up with an omoata sweep i stead he resisted initially but I mananged toget anyway.

From the bottom, corrected my grips for the standing ankle underhook pass to grab his hip, twice, and passed that way about twice.

Startedmon the bottom with the big blue guy. Threatened an armbar but he got up with broken posture. He went to underhook my leg without tucking his elbow, so triangle attempt. He continued to posture so finished with armbar.

The last opponent got omoplata swept and bull passed. I got into trouble myself as he had almost underhoomed both of my legs from standing, and mymhips were locked. Need to find a defense for it. Got a waiter sweep on him, that I am proud of.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec 7th 68th class

Dec 7th 68th class

Sparring notes
Successfully passed the guard using the aingle underhook. Looking back at my session I realize I didnt close my elbow on the side I was underhooking so I was technically in danger fo a while. Learned from experience that what reallymakes the pass work is a good underhook while keeping the other elbow closed and grabbi g atthe hip level. A final switch of the hips when te knee is over the persons head really clears itup nicely.

Learned a spider guard sweep from the knees which is very much like the delariva knee sweep. Straightgrip and drop one foot on the hip. Move on the side by pushing and then push the knee while stealing his base.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec 6 67th day

Dec 6 67th day

Guard passing notes
Classic knee wedge pass opened up using the lower back as well as constant inner thigh pressure. The grip above the diaphragm drops. Keep contol with the other hand at the hip level. Underhook the other leg and Tuck In The Elbow To Avoid omoplatas and breaking of the posture.

Sparring notes
Remember to continue breaking posture while in high guard by grabbing my own ankle.
Continue pushing the knee to stop a pass.
Continue opening elbows when people attempt passes.
Continue hunting for the omoata. Got it twice as well as two omoplata sweeps.
Find a way to transition to a sweep whenever someone goes backwards when stuck in a full spider guard standing. Maybe let go of the elbows and instead go for the hips.

Drill the butterfly sweep. Smaller guys tend to walk into it quite often.
Continue faking I am not aware of them prepping a scissor sweep to work from half.
Review Z guard passing techniques.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dec 1st 66th day

Dec 1st 66th day


Armbar from high guard option when person leans in after a failed double ankle defense. Underhook one side. Open guard and continue breakng posture with the leg on the sidewith the. Elbow hook while pivoting on the leg planted on the attackers foot.

Double ankle option when collar is lost. Put pressure on one knee and on your elbow. Plant the foot on that same side's hip and walk your hands to mount.

Sparring techniques
Sparred with M. Classic pass attempt to z guard pass attempt to half to half pass knee jerk pass attempt.

Same scenario with transition to crossface knee hop half guard pass.

Third attempt went to standing. Got seatbelt control with a nice sprawl but unable to pass.

From bottom guard doubleankle to de la riva spider hook. Tried the standing spider but defended with a knee down. Must learn to transition from there.

Got to the high guard scenario but time ran out again.

Sparring with C
Passed one with the knee slide from half once pretty classically.

Instructed him to not touch my head so he couldnt flatten me out in half guard. His loss because he can either underhook or grab the head. Didnt seem to know that. Went to his back but got stuck ina headlock I was too lazy to fight out of.

Third dude was a full out spazzy strong brute. While on top he tried to grab way too high. Flower sweptmhim rather easily since he had no base. Even got an elevator sweep with just my legs. On top, passed his guard rather leisurely since hr had the wrong grips and wrong body poaitioning. He was simplyintent to pull me down with his arms.

Man, does it feel good to be back!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nov 29th 65th class

Rolling notes

First rounds after neck injury. Went extremely light during sparring, and was happy not to have aggravated anything. However, I felt I needed a bit more intensity to truly enjoy my rolling.

Went for some light rolling with M. Realised that once again, I don't protect my neck enough : I have a rather long neck and it's easy to attack, or have the opponent control me easily. Did a successful single leg takedown from under, since the person didn't sprawl out.

Noticed that it's rather easy to open my guard, maybe because I wasn't convincing enough with my grip breaks.