Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec 21 75th class

Dec 21 75th class

One class. Worked from side control. Double underhook front bear hug escape: push your opponent's hips away from yours and squeeze your elbows together, breaking the person's grips. Underhook the side away from your head and transition to the safe clinch. Hip throw from there but remember to drag the second leg inside his own legs for adequate power and balance.

Sparring notes
Held all of my opponents down except for two accidents. One happened when a super strong guy managed to roll me over his shoulder with a barrel roll even though my balance was almost perfect. The second mistake happened when the opponent had half and for lack of adequate pressure he transitioned to full guard.

Tips for myself:
1. Two hands on one is safe from top side control when hunting for that free kimura. The guy is mostly into getting his hand out od there anyway.'If he attempts to spin his way out of it, I at least have a kimura control or free armbar.

2. Walk the fingers and open my own elbow from a head And arm side mount to make space. Force with my knee even more to slide.

3. If an opponent gets inside his inner hand when i am going for a stepover mount, put my palm on the ground at his armpit and replace it with my knee, since I should be having his other armpit underhooked.

4 Need to work my half guard from the bottom. I get stuck too often into it. I usually work for a z guard transition or a butterfly transition. Moat times, I fight for dear life in that position. At least I should remember to continue hunting for that underhook, which I do, more or less knowledgebly, and go for a belt control. Keep my far shoulder OFF the frickin mat.

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