Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec 6 67th day

Dec 6 67th day

Guard passing notes
Classic knee wedge pass opened up using the lower back as well as constant inner thigh pressure. The grip above the diaphragm drops. Keep contol with the other hand at the hip level. Underhook the other leg and Tuck In The Elbow To Avoid omoplatas and breaking of the posture.

Sparring notes
Remember to continue breaking posture while in high guard by grabbing my own ankle.
Continue pushing the knee to stop a pass.
Continue opening elbows when people attempt passes.
Continue hunting for the omoata. Got it twice as well as two omoplata sweeps.
Find a way to transition to a sweep whenever someone goes backwards when stuck in a full spider guard standing. Maybe let go of the elbows and instead go for the hips.

Drill the butterfly sweep. Smaller guys tend to walk into it quite often.
Continue faking I am not aware of them prepping a scissor sweep to work from half.
Review Z guard passing techniques.

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