Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dec 8 69th class

Dec 8 69th class

Technique notes
In a previous school, I've learned a spider guard sweep from the knees which is acheived by underhooking one ofthe opponents knees and driving his weight with a stiff leg overhead, to the side. I am very pleasently surprised to see it done from standing with exactly the same setup. The only downside I see to it is that its low percentage against most people and relatively easy to defend with posture and by walking the free leg.

Saw the xguard for the same time ever with a sweep. Underhook at the knee with the right leg under the opponents roght knee and put the left leg over your right by hooking yet again.

Sparring notes
Three rounds. One with D, another with a big blue belt and a third with a super strong dude about my build.

High intensity sparrimg with D. Started bottom of the closed guard. Iwas consistently holding down one of his arms in preparation for armbar flower combo. As i was trying to get the angle he got up and I locked a triangle. He postured and fimished with an armbar.

Second round, he managed to get up but with a messedup posture. Worked for an armbar but ended up with an omoata sweep i stead he resisted initially but I mananged toget anyway.

From the bottom, corrected my grips for the standing ankle underhook pass to grab his hip, twice, and passed that way about twice.

Startedmon the bottom with the big blue guy. Threatened an armbar but he got up with broken posture. He went to underhook my leg without tucking his elbow, so triangle attempt. He continued to posture so finished with armbar.

The last opponent got omoplata swept and bull passed. I got into trouble myself as he had almost underhoomed both of my legs from standing, and mymhips were locked. Need to find a defense for it. Got a waiter sweep on him, that I am proud of.

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