Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec 9 70th class

Two classes, including the advanced class' warmup. I am a beast.

Transition to x-guard from a failed standing butterfly guard sweep. Grab the ankle near the head by wrapping it with your own lapel. Get as close as possible to the opponent's ankle. With your outer leg, hook at the knee your opponent's. With your other leg, hook the same leg, but under your own ankle. To sweep, push forward in the direction of the X and do a technical stand-up.

Spider-guard sweep. Similar to the knee sweep done by under hooking the leg. GB do it the opposite way from the knees, that is overhead. They place the second foot on the person's knee after they get a proper angle. They continue hooking the half-spider guard with a stiff knee and push and pull while keeping the sleeve trapped on the open side.

Rolling points
  1. Remember to break posture when catching someone with a triangle, by grabbing the ankle, and work for that angle!
  2. Stand up faster after an omoplata sweep, don't let the guy get on top.
  3. Be more careful whenever establishing a higher mount on someone, prepare for their upa.
  4. My centre of gravity while in S-mount should be centered on his chest.
  5. Continue under hooking the leg while doing the flower sweep, it really adds power. However, when the opponent is already off-balance, it works even without.
  6. While passing guard over the knee, and to avoid getting stuck in half guard, remember to replace the ankle which is about to pass over with the other ankle.
  7. Get a deeper grip for the x-choke.
  8. Learn to shrimp after a failed triangle – a VERY valuable skill.

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