Monday, October 4, 2010

July 27 4th day

July 27 4th day

Leg hook takedown
Scarfhold escape roll on the shoulder inside by first turning outwards

Held my own very well avainst a blue
Sweeped the hell out of a newer white

Told I have good reflexes
Found out another btt blue joined recently.

July 26th day 3

July 26th day 3

Body fold takedown
Shoot in with the head centered more or less
Hook the leg closest to your body, lift and push
Works from clinch

Scarfhold escape
S grip around the attacker
Bridge and roll on the inner shoulder

Didnt work by itself since attacker can base out. Needs to be chained.

Spinning armbar
Isolate the arm by grabbing the gi
North south
Step over free hand
Works better if stepping over an arm

Spin armbarred about 4 times
Took the back tried back chokes, he was protecting a lot.
Second opponent was trying to submit me from my own guard again.

Got amazed by a kimura control an opponent tried on me.

July 22nd day 2

July 22nd day 2

Same techniques As day one
Guillotine from standing. Is actually working better than last time due to grabbing it deeper.

Guillotine escapes worked great as well.

Headlock escApe almost works in regular scarfhold.

Used again the hip push escape with great success. Regained guard from a blue belt under fabio.

Sparred witbthe smallest And biggest guys in the class. Armbarred the big guy from mount. He headlocked me hard, difficult to escape.

Half guard escapes

Standoing guard sweeps
Dbl ankle
Sickle sweep
Omopl sweep

Butterfly sweeps
De la riva sweeps
Spider sweeps

Choke from back
Review hand placement

Open guard passes
Spider guard pass

Side inside
Side out


July 21 1st class

July 21 1st class

Guillotine from standing
Make the elbow go to the ground

Guillotine defense from standing
Overhook the opposiite shoulder, protect neck
Step behind with one leg and takedown

Headlock escape
Hook the opposite leg
Free the inside arm

Side control escape
Push neck and hip and bridge
Get one knee in shrimp get second

Held all my sidemounts, transitioned to north south a lot

Day 1

100 kilos
Knee on belly
Baseball choke

North south
Mount prep

Reverse scissor
Armpit knee
Kimura sweep


Ckock choke

First closed guard pass
Sevond to 100kg

Half guard kimura
Hf to butterfly
Leg hug

Butterfyl pass trucker
Butterfly pass knee skip

July 29th 6th day

July 29th 6th day

A bit low on energy, but overall happy. Spiritual mood. Considering myself lucky a 4th degree black belt, with limited instruction space actually trains us. Happy that a blue from BTT came in.

Rolling observations
Worked from side-control with a stronger guy. Learned the importance of shoulder pressure when top side control, as well as how important the blade of the hand is. If the guy has a traditional double underhook, it's easier to work the bridge escape  from side control, then double under-hooks once the legs have scissored. Then it's possible to transition for the double-leg-like sweep, when you have double underhooks in turtle.

Did some crazy spinning as I got one hook out on a lighter guy, it looked cool and got me out of trouble. As a guy attempts the bridge escape, one transitions to scarf hold.  Then the other guy tries the shoulder roll scarf hold escape. 

Attempted a de la riva one leg down sweep, and it almost worked. The kimura from north south almost worked again, but forgot to use the lower back to control his arm. He was pretty strong, so whatever.
Observed that I go for the spinning armbar, and I block the hip. I Just need to block the arm a bit more. Noticed that this is the exact submission advanced white belts go for. Weird or maybe a sign. 

As I attempted the scarfhold, the guy based out with his free hand, and switch to side control. I then used the timing to try the second escape, but he switched again to scarfhold, holding me down. Eventually, i got my knee inside, and tried the bridge knee slide escape.

Got complimented on my strength, which was nothing more than timing and constant pressure, as well as the fancy legwork.

When in north south, and working  a kimura, what other options do I have ?
What do do when I have a kimura from side-control but I can't finish it for lack of strength? What am I doing wrong?
How do I switch from scarf-hold to the mount preparation ? Which grips do I use ?

Notes : review the scarf-hold shoulder roll escape.

July 30th 7th day

July 30th 7th day

No-gi followed by gi training.

Learned a kimura escape form butterfly(not like someone's going to try kimura from butterfly : Jumping over the head, and following up with an armbar.

Almost got the x-sweep : but forgot to stretch out the person's body first, before hooking.

Escaped side-control, back multiple times. Used the upa successfully on a judoka.

Questions : how do I control a standing guard pass in no-gi, from open guard ?
Why don't people tap when they cross their ankles?

Points to do better :
Over-under in mount, for chokes! Not double under.
Learn an anaconda escape and practice it.

Points I did good :
mount escape
back escape
tightness when working in closed guard, sweep attempts.
I should take my time a bit more when transitioning.

General points to consider :
Need more authority when doing a move, and that means timing, so practice.
One king of the mat = 2-3 classes.

July 28 5th day

July 28 5th day

Very happy. Relaxed.

Good competition from the guy who won the abu dhabi last year. He got two spinning armbars from side control, as well as a lame choke from deep north south (kinda lame on his part), but hey, it gets the submission done.

Worked BTT's magic from side control. Trapped the opposite arm with an underhook under the head. Attempted to pass the other arm around his head, but it failed, so I just half-assed it and tried to choke down. That failed miserably, so I had to resort to north south.

Transitioned to NS quite nicely, by trapping the hips with my hand. Forgot to trap the arm as well on the transition for the armbar technique.  In NS, trapped the arm with the leg properly, and started working the kimura. Tried to pry it off : remember to use the back muscles to pry it off next time. If he really defends, armbar.

Got submitted twice by spinning arm-bar. Tried the arm-bar escape, but his legs were pushing down very well. The escape's timing was a bit off, but anyway he was way too strong. Remember to go for the double leg when someone tries the spinning arm-bar on me.

Attempted a spiderguard standing sweep. Forgot that I actually have to go to the side.

Got my spiderguard passed as the guy put his knee between by legs. Went to side from there. Couldv'e extended the leg at that point. Could've went to de la riva as well from that pass attempt.

The difference between someone who succeeds in life and someone who doesn't, is how one deals with tough times.

Worked on what do do when someone takes double overhooks, from behind. Fall  the hips a bit lower, step one leg back behind his own leg. Grab both his legs behind the knees, and lift. Swivel the body around your hips, and land in knee on belly.

Sport jiu-jitsu
Yet another escape from side-control. Got tips on how to get double underhooks : simply bridge up, and while pushing with the outside elbow, sneak the arm inside. Scissor the legs, and go for a traditional double leg. ALternatively, bring one knee in, sprawl the other leg out. Get the head outsite opposide to the sprawled leg. Push and lift his legs to side control.

Thinking of buying a new Gi. Kinda lame to have one wet all the time.

Mental run through BTT white belt day 2
Half-guard butt arching with deep underhook
Half-guard overhook, turn around, sit hips down, pry the leg off.
Half-guard overhook, turn around, sit hips down, pry leg off, kimura.

Double sleeve overhead sweep, feet on hips
Tripod sweep, put shoulder really close to his leg. Cross-grip. Turn body to break his posture.
Failed tripod, omoplata sweep. Kick high on his armpit as the sweep is done.

Classic butterfly sweep. Kick the outside leg, head on the opposite side.
If the guy sprawls, go outside towards the direction pointed by his inside arm, while putting pressure on his outside leg.

Spider-guard sweep from standing. Underhook the far leg, straighten one leg.
Sickle sweep from standing. Cross-sleeve, hook the inside  leg, grab ankle across. Push on hip with free leg.

De la riva
Straight grip, push straight leg, mount.
De la riva overhead sweep. Foot on hips.

Chokes from the back
Over, under
Chicken wing
Pant-grab, leg overhook mean one.

Cross-grab open guard pass, Grab collar, pull in, side control
Underhook both legs in spiderguard, step over his arm, side control.

Side control inside, push both arms upwards, armbar roll, double leg.
Side control outside, open the leg as a door, push inwards
Armbar from mount : timing is very important. AT some point it's too late. Remember to cup the arm inside.
Back escape.
Omoplata jump over. Sprawl the leg outside if it's grabbed, and jump over
Triangle escape from choking down with trapped arm, as sprawled out, and grabbing base of his pants.
Crucifix escape

hip throw over, under
Outside leg hook.

August 12 th 13 day

August 12 th 13 day

First stripe
Felt like some guys were really out to get me while rolling, for no reason. Eithrr forcing stuff or resisting overly some moves.

Rolling notes.
Controlled posture of the guy in guard a bit better than before by pulling his elbows inwards. Got armpit knee sweeps omoplata sweeps armbar scissor sweeps kimura sweep counters the standing btt de la riva sweep and the gb de la riva dweep turning inside towards the knee as well as triangle setups. Not even joking. Got props from guys in The advanced class.

Noticed. ThAt i was under the effect of coffee and maybe my reflexes were a bit sharper. Didnt get passed submited or swept so thats a bit bawring.

Double ankle sweeps which involve moving in after the sweep. That could be used when the collar is missed.

Hip throw from double rape choke by grabbing the shoulder.

Armbar afrom double ankle sweep posture break.

Advancd tehniques
Switch from single to double leg when his leg gets outside.

Guard pass knee wedge push leg down and stepover.

August 10th 12 day

August 10th 12 day

Mood: very calm and hungry as hell

Sparring notes
Armpit kneed a guy twice since he had his arm way too deep. Armbarred him.

Played with 50 50 but couldnt do much beyond being stuck there forever.

Attempted gb sweeps from delariva but no luck stretching the guy out properly. That seems to be the first step anyway.

My open guard improved since its harder to pass now. Forgot to look after the standing spider from btt.

Scissored to mount but my lower leg was a bit too high.

Standing delariva from btt worked wonders.

Guard got pAssed only once after a crappy triangle he defended by diving. Couldnt replace guard from that point. Shouldve rocked on my back once hes passed a bit.

Double rape choke defense : duck under one Arm but keep head up and protect from knees.

Armbar triangle. They hold the arm with both arms befote opening but grabbig the collar breaks posture better. One of the red black belts teaches hand on collar anyway.

For the double leg dive under the armpit.

For the defense sprawl And crossface outwards.

Funky guard pass.

GrAb his armpits, get up and walk to him . Sit down and post a knee. Grab the opposite side lapel and ditch the leg.

August 5th 11th day

August 5th 11th day

Rolling notes

Got a standing spider guard sweep against a newbie who wasn't expecting shit. Hip bump sweep successful against a monster. Worked wonders from open-guard.

Triangle escape which worked quite nicely. The dude switch to an armbar, got an armbar escape and passed like a champ. No one could actually pass my open guard.

Feel like a badass

August 4th 10th day

August 4th 10th day

Rolling notes

Worked open guard.
Rolled with Georges. Got a nice de la riva sweep I stole from the advanced class from last week : Straight-grab his right ankle, hook his right leg, cross grab the other sleeve. Turn the knee inwards, and follow-up with the pass. Worked wonderefully. Raced to spider.

Second roll :
Got my hip push sweep countered by a BTT blue : he simply leaned into me as I attempted the sweep : the same way it's been countered before.

Got my omoplata sweep countered by mere force, maybe I need more force myself, or more tightness.
Got my tripod sweep with a blue and ended up in side control. Countered his counter to my omoplata sweep and closed my guard.

Fundamentals techniques : 
How to pull guard : Rest a foot straight on his hip, the one of which the arm is extended, and lean towards that arm as you go down.

Hip throw: From the clinch at an angle, step a foot forward, grip belt and opposite hand, place legs perpendicular and lift.

Kimura + hip bump sweep, however the combo we've been showed is opposite to whatever Btt shows. Georges could counter during practice with mere force quite easily.

Used my legs to pull in for the sweep combo, and it works wonders.

Attempted a triangle from de la riva and got passed as it backfired. Not a biggie, but expected.


Stolen techniques
From GB de la riva heel grab sweep : The opposite leg should be free. If it goes on the inside hip, first push on the knee. If the guy stretches out, can also push on the inner hip to bring him down.

Conclusions for the day

Proud that I chose to work open guard instead of closed, and it gave results! 
Some BTT stuff is worth keeping, other is good left out. 
Either way, the fundamentals here really complete my basics repertoire. 
There is no replacement for drilling. 
Two belts difference starts to be important. Anything less isn't that much.

August 3rd 9th day

August 3rd 9th day

Advanced techniques : 
De la riva guard as taught by GB : 
Straight sleeve grip
Straight grab one ankle
The same side hooks the leg
The opposite leg pushes on the knee, to stretch the guy out.

Sweep from there:
The leg that hooked over, turns inwards, bringing the other guy to his knees, and sweeping him down.

Basic techniques
Cross-collar choke whenever someone grabs the lapels high, good for breaking posture at least, if not choking.

Scissor sweep
Works even better when one leg is posted. (look out for that) since less advanced guys do it.

Getting up in base...

Sparring notes 

No submissions either way.

Worked with a blue belt in BTT. Not submitted or swept while in his guard, but couldn't get it open either way.
Opened my guard and almost omoplata swept him, almost passed once. He was gassed, and technique-wise a bit off. Protected very well from guard. Hasd

Worked with a 2-year pro no-gi fighter. Felt he was a bit ahead of me as far as timing and seeing my moves a bit. Passed my guard, but couldn't pass his easily.

August 2nd 8th day

August 2nd 8th day

Morning class

Self-defense class
Learned how to breakfall when pushed down. Keep the head in to avoid knocking against pavement. Got up in base. The leg on the bottom should be free and usable for kicks.

Scissor sweep but the arm grip is just behind the elbow which doesnt allow for chaining attacks. Works especially well when one leg is posted.

Cross collar choke: learned a nice setup from when theguy is pushing with both hands down on my hips. The first arm pushes his arm down using the elbow. The second arm is broken down at the wrist.

Sparred with three partners:
Brown belt instructor had a very strong open guard, wasnt going for tricks. Survived his attacks for quite a while but he was going at a slow pace. Tried the bullfighter pass and he wouldnt pish back.

Had a few good sweeps and submissions on thebodybuilder but he muscles out of a lot of them. Did the triangle escape and ot worked absolutely great. Tried standing guard passesb but couldnt get him off the ground. Even a double ankle failed against this monster. Fooled with deep half guard

Scissor swept a third guy to mount and attempted triangles. Worked an omoplata sweepsuccessfully but he somehow recovered quickly. Maybe my grips were off.

Guillotined from guard a guy who was trying to get up

Conclusion from a few weeks training with new partners.

My closed guard game is my best
Im good atregaining closed guard from side control.
I am beginning to chain open guard sweeps and get better control. Trouble starts when both ankles are trapped And i have q crappy grip.

I fucking miss full on rolling to submission not just position. Maybe the advanced class has this.

August 18 17th day

August 18 17th day

Sparring notes
Finally found a good use to btts double elbow oberhead sweep: counter to whatever regular bjj guys standArd guardpass. Controlled w blue belt in that fashion but since she waspracticing technique she didnt realize. Swept her with an omplata to half passed mounted and ezequiel. Even had a triangle locked for a whipe until she used A gb escape which works at early stages.

Swept another blue and conttolled him very well. On top defended triangles very well and started going for the og pass but time ran out.

Standing headlock escape
Look outside the choke. Arms on outer hip and inner knee. Outr leg swivels outwards. Etc

August 17 16th day

August 17 16th day

Went for a learning roll witha guy more or lessmy level. Tried to break guard with the day 1 technique but it wouldnt open.

Good hip control and open guard defense, until the dude almost passed but got off the mat so I let it go and half assed it. He was in a comp roll so whatever.

Had to sit out the next roll because of a cut on my temple.

Tomoe nage: straight grip and foot on the extended Arm side.

De la riva collarsweep: straight grip foot on opposite side of pivot on the hip.

Self defense
Body fold : avoid guillotine by putting head near the centre of his chest.

Guard pass sprawl the opening leg as far back as possible.

August 16th 15 day

August 16th 15 day

Felt I was going to puke in class atthe last sparring. Had mcdodo at noon and it wants to get out.

Got armbarred and triangled by a bigger stronger more experienced white but I really don't feel I messed up. Physically not in shape and crappy reflexes are my excuse.

Armbarred the same guy from high guard using a gb technique. Worked from high guard with another guy. Swept with de la riva knee down. Passed a blue belts guard from btt. Loop choke on that same opponent. Both opponents wrestled out of the submission so next time I will definetly force some more. Got my omoplata sweep defused by a btt blue belt technique.

Tried the xchoke but was defended with chin action.

Body fold technique from the clinch, the same one as the standing guillotine.

Funky guard pass. Knee outwards, same side palm down pant grab and push down with elbow. Other hand on both lapels. Pass that second arm under his let and sprawl for the pass.

Blue belt techniques
Tomoe nage. Same setup as a guard pull but instead loosen up the knee and extend it ad the opponent is flying overhead.

De la riva sweep. Straight lapel grab opposite pivot, foot on hip and lift overhead.

August 13th 14th day

August 13th 14th day

Got the chance to roll with two distinct black belts : a renzo gracie bb and a marcus soares bb. Got amazed at the level of control, but retrospectively thinking, they were sometimes slacking down on me, other times going 100%. Resisted close to a minute with each one, holding my position, or sweeping.

Learned and saw a very nice kimura, armbar sequence from mount. Attack one arm with a kimura, and as the person pushes with the other arm to make space, arm-bar it.

Almost got choked out : didn't feel this new gi choking me, until I started getting dizzy.

August 26 22nd day

August 26 22nd day

Mood: A bit perplexed. Lets call this guy beluga. Their heads are similar, and as shortly will be proven, so are their brains. This idiot sparred with me last class. After having his guard passed a couple oftimes and submitted with both ezequiel and triangle( almost) and having refused to tap and wrestled out of everything. Dude refused to tap as my ezequiel was deep. Crushed his windpipe and he started coughing.

Fast forward to this class, this asshat chooses me again for sparring, presumably to teach me a lesson. So I get in the inferior position inside his closed guard. He tries a bunch of weird asshat tricks but he gets nothing. Hes frustrated. Roles switch and as he forces my guard open I transition to de la riva. Got him under me on his knees so sweep restart. This time around I stand up again and he tries a guillotine. After getting out of it he pushes me down and his his face on me knee. All angry he gets up and wants to hit me. Hewants to teach me A lesson and sits on his back again when it was my trn, all angry. He screams out of control. Challenging me. Someone tells him to cool off and I go sit. Moral of the story: avoid the idiots.

By the way my belt is still gone havent recovered it.

August 24th 20th day

August 24th 20th day

Cocky and a bit pissed I got tapped by an advanced white. From half-guard, he tried the kimura but I was protecting with my dear life, and instead of forcing, he rolled me over him and got the tap.

I, on the other hand, got him in a triangle after a bit of shuffling around, and I protected very well while in his guard. The next roll, I got a knee spider guard sweep from BTT and it looked pretty good, and passed the guy's guard a number of times. Used the guard break technique and it worked very nice.

August 23rd 19th day

August 23rd 19th day

Sparring notes

My armpit knee sweep victim started defending it. Armbarred him for keeping too high a grip instead ans transitioned to triangle as well.

Got good control with spider guard but messed up as he got too far and my grips werent good enough. Attempted a knee spider guard sweep but the dudes base was scary strong. Got trapped in an early triangle. Dude with dangerously strong legs.

Rolled with a brown. Defeated my riva repeatedly. Got pulled for a armpit knee as i tried the guard pass of the day. Was good enough to break his closed guard.

Got amazed at how grip matter even after An omoplata sweep. Got omoplatad a few times.

Important: de la riva pass:
Grapevined leg: knee parallel to the attackers body and bent itowards his forehead. Crossgrip free leg and lift with both hands towards the second leg.

Inner leg hook takedown. Lift at the knee level across.

Punching defense from clinch. Parallel grab the punching arm from the back. Posture up and step back. Grab neck and kimura the other hand.

Bull pass. Closed guard breaking is first done with the back then sprawled leg then with the arm. Collar grip should be on the sternum. Break the legs with the lower back.

August 19 18th day

August 19 18th day

Rolling notes

Lucky enough to roll with three different levels today : equal better And less good. Did a learning roll a comp roll and an asskicking teaching roll.

Got an armpit knee and almost the gb riva knee down sweep. Locked a triangle and taught my buddy a few things. Learned from a purple to use my outer leg when on my back to push on his shoulder down and break posture. Got rncd when attempted to break out of side by turtling. Couldve protected the turtle better.

September 1st 26 th day

September 1st 26 th day

Sparring notes
Top side contol on stronger ehavier bigger opponent. Never let me start heavy on him. Pushed up and hooked leg for half. Couldve let him grab it and pass properly.

From top got armbarred but escaped the second time. Irrespectful opponent had his nose up all the time. Pushed me away with his legs as I was standing up. Huge attitude this guy. Huge difference in the valueof training when rolling with more experienced guys.

Slightly smaller opponent about my size controlled and swept properly.

Half guard pass
From top hg
Opp has underhook
Opp is on his side
Opp has close head
Step over opp with free leg
Shoulder pressure
Free the leg by pushing on opp leg

Guillotine and escape

Side control escape
Seashell on hip
Forearm on neck
Bridge shrimp

August 30 24 th day

August 30 24 th day

Sparring notes

Applied hip control in the transition to mount preparation. Amazed at how nice my timing is getting, thanks to practice. Thanks to my partner, learned proper shoulder pressure and practiced. Isolated an arm from north sputh for americana and armbar after escaping side.

Learned the frame escape from sice head and arm. Learned a switch to mount prep from side.

Advanced steal: tip for getting the underhook on top half guard. Push eith the free elbow in between the op arm and forearm. Shoulder pressure. Slide into underhook. Keep shoulder pressure. Help pulling the trapped leg out by pushing with the other leg.

September 7th 28th

September 7th 28th

Saw that I am leaving a lot of space while side controlling a guy. Saw a nice defense for north south: over under hook. Saw a nice defense from side control. Grab both collars and leave no space for a knee on belly by using the inside knee tomake space.

Worked a scarf hold successfull escape by barrl rolling over. Couldnt do much against the brown belt but thats ok.

Saw someone jump over for an arm triangle as he trapped the arm on the other side.

Should learn to keep hands in when defending on the bottom, always cpose to the neck across. The most important thing is survival in that position and it is acheived by cross grabbing.

Did good knee on belly jumpng and controlled so so. Need more practice with that transition.

Techniques: body fold inner leg hook takedown.

September 2nd 27th

September 2nd 27th

Couple of people got their blue belts. Decent rolling

Sep 22 32 nd day

Sep 22 32 nd day

Sparred two rounds with a spazzy white belt. Swept and controlled him but no submission from mount. He was defending with all his force. This is the kind of opponent i would have tired out in real life.

Front double overhook bear hug escape to hip throw.
Americana and armbar from mount.

20 sep 31 st day

20 sep 31 st day

Practiced a deep half guard sweep from x guard against a newbie and it worked partly because of his lack of base. Swept from under mount and regained guard easily.

Good upa and americana defense against a blue. Good control but no taps from mount against a huge beginner guy. Used to hold me with double underhooks.

Good work on getting the double umderhook from mount.

Points to work on: pinch the knees sooner when armbarring from mount.

September 9th 29th day

September 9th 29th day

Rolling notes
Encountered the same problem yey again when on top side control: the guy would bench press me to create space and sometimes even slide their knee inside. A possible solution would be.knee on belly.

Sweeped controlled and submitted a new one and a big one stripe dude as well. He kinda pissed me off as he was continuously trying to choke me when it wasnt oworkng. Got him in side and tooled him a bit. Submitted him once.

Bear hug from behind
Side control escApe to sweep.

28 sep 37th day

28 sep 37th day

Rolling notes

Had fun rolling out of four points as people were trying to get the hooks. Tried to flip people to the side but they were resisting a lot. Overall good workout.

September 27th 36 day

September 27th 36 day

Guillotine and escape. Back chokes.

A bit of difficulty holding the back mount and difficulty choking out. Use of force. Got one choke and god choked. Escaped some back mounts in full mount.

September 24 35th day

September 24 35th day

Positional sparring

Got tooled a good deal by almost everyone. A bit tired from training. Good defense from mount apparently, from one of the blue purples. Triangled a dude. Got cross choked by a white belt. Not sure how to defend. Must limit training a bit.

Sep 23 34th

Sep 23 34th

Second stripe, as according to the minimum time limits. Grabbed an armbar on a bluebit he managed to get up easily while he still had my armbar on. Tried ita couple of times from the modified mount. Finally learned that it will work with a crossface only which I didnt have.

Sparred with the tkd man and he managed to get armbarred and controlled quite well. Donovan, and cool to roll with despite the clinch he is constantly working for.

October 1 st 39th day

October 1 st 39th day

Very good escapes and controlfrom mostpositions: except from back with a strong opponent. Escaped from most attacks while in bad positions.

Extremely happy about my performance since I took thursday off. The extra power and training really shows.

Cirst time I got subbed from my own guard: with an ezequiel.

Passedthe guard of a blue player not without effort.

First time I actually gassed at thethird personIwasattempting to pass.