Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25 49th day

October 25 49th day

Two class format. Body fold takedown. Elbow push knee pass. Swotch grips to lower midpass. From hip to knee and from double lapel to single lapel.

Sparred with mr. D and he was happy to only get submit once from my guard. Didn't bother to pass his guard too much. Armbar from guard. Sparred with an extremely strong guy who forced me into a triangle quite simply to armbar totriangle. Hope he gets hisass kicked by pure force. That's the partner for competition rolls.

Advanced class transition from back choke 1 to 3 if the guy tries to look into the overhook elbow and move away. Post a leg and bridge. Finish with 3 or a variation.

Aruncarea lingurei when the opponent pushes. Brake one grip and turn to the side. Kneel and high crotch. Remove posted leg and sweep.

Shoulder crossface half guard pass to mount using the other leg as a hook.

Prolems encountered.
1 knowing when to shrimp out as guard is getting passed.
2 got crossfaced from my own guard. What to do
3 got forced into a triangle. Hand position?
4 practi e transition from hip bump to shrimp escape
5 use the head to balance some more.
6 stuck after standing guard break 1

1 sweep using no force on a blue.
2 timing for armbar from guard.
3 triangle attempt
4 kimura attempt
5 omoplata attempts
6 happy D is learning thanks in part to my tips.
7 speed for guard break.

October 19 47th day

October 19 47th day

No sparring today due to my knee hurting even when I walk sometimes. Took the right decision to rest for a few days and let it strengthen. I have no competition to prepare for and the goal of practicing jiujitsu was to keep fit, not hurt myself.

Learned the correct way to do a tripod sweep: cross grab the side with the trapped ankle. Foot on hip on that side. This sweep could technically be done from the guard pulling, however grips must be changed.

Lots of social interaction with people, which is great.

October 26 50th day

October 26 50th day

Awesome rolling today, easily one of the best this year. Passed and submitted blue belts consistently both bigger and smaller. Insane at how mobile hips and taking the opponent's balance can work wonders. Sweeps just seem to pop up everywhere.

Proud i got the standing spider guard sweep scissor sweep, bull pass, leg hook sweep and thanks to keith owen's massive advantage of crosscacing when on the modified mount...
Even got collar chokes from the back as well as the modified choke. Tapped a btt blue 3 times.

Overall an incredibly insane workout, not much in the gassimg side but on the getting the sweeps side.

Remember to take my temperature in case I caught an infection to the cheek.