Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 28 51st day

October 28 51st day

Beginners class was mostly closed guardwork. Successfully used the technique that was shown on two different opponents. One leg underhook and choke down. Glad I passed and controlled an agressive guy quite well and practiced the technique on him quite successfully. Could have owned even more with if I were just a bit mpre awake. Timing was slightly off.

Advanced class

Fireman's carry which is pretty ramn confusing, honestly. Did some fancy armbar from the back as a counter to an escape attempt when the guy looks into the choke and moves on his back away from it.

Rolled with three people for about 15 minutes total and 15 minutes with white belts. Rolled with juan 1 year blue from btt and kinda lost position a couple times due to momentum. Got multiple encourangements from him. Didnt get tapped, just mounted for a brief period.

Half guard work with another much heavier blue. Worked from the half guard a lot due to his size, and managed to get full guard a couple times. Worked the third sweep and the firat hip in quite a lot. Tried multiple tecnhiques I was shown in fundamentals and could feel how the instructor's eyes were on me. Egen tried the guillotine escape but got choked at the trachea too much and walked it off. Wind choke.

Good points
Butterfly sweep posting
Passing to half guard
Working for the underhook in half
Scissor worked very well.
Standing spider guard sweep
Elbow sweep from bottom full guard.

Should finish the pass next time I get the standing sweep.
Rest ?
Better grips when opening guard so not to lose a position

Personal grade for today's lesson 7 for crappy timing due to sleeplessness.