Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 11 59th class

Nov 11 59th class

Two classes.

Thinking of cutting down on the number of hours spent training, as I might be less dead at the end of the week.

Sparred with D smaller stronger less technical
Tried to slide my knee over from kob to mount but he grabbed it midway. Nice timing for grabbing the ankle in half. Understood my mistake a bit later thanks to V. Passed once as I transitioned from a shoulder pressure to a stepover mount. Passed another time with a knee slide. Protected my neck better than yesterday as I was very focused on it. Got to my knees a good number of times. Got the need for the escape as the guy was putting pressure back with a sprawl. Interesting as he was pushing on my free hip to avoid the spinning armbar.

Sparred with v taller stronger more technical
Lost the position from the top once due to the angle of my knee over his belly as he simply grabbed half. Fought very tightly for the underhook. He once grabbed my neck in a triangle from side as I was holdig my head high near his hips. Most remember to keep lower and closer to his chest. Swept him once and he based out. Swept him successfully once and got full guard.

Sparred with al big guy taller stronger less technical
Got easily out of side to either my knees and een put hum in his back as he was out of balance and strength. While on top, held him nicely down and transitioned to a good kob. Had his arm at one point but he wrestled out.

Sparred with G taller stronger less technical
Held him in a mix of spider guard with a few sweep attempts and de la riva guard. He wasnt muscling his way through either, ao I played open guard for about five minutes without being passed.

Sparred with the lil guy smaller less strong more technical
Good defense overall. Swept him once and got butterfly swept but didn't lose position. Had an over under but he escaped smoothly and put me on the side. Must learn the escape myself. He based out quicker than I did and went for a sprawl himself. Offbalanced him and took top but the round ended.

Sparred with Al2 bigger stronger almost hard to tell
Some open guard work. Had to work from under, obviously. Swept him at the end of the session. He managed an over under from back control I escaped decently. This must be the first big guy to successfully get my back. As it was my last roll Of the week, I am not that surprised, but oh well.