Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15 61st day

November 15 61st day

One class was enough for today.

Inner leg hook takedown from a double underhook at the waist, straght on.

Advanced techniques

Overhead sweep as a counter to a double leg. Grab the belt and underhook the other arm at the shoulder. While sitting down, lift the opponent's leg on the side with the underhook.

Sparring notes

Sparred with M. Played with the opposite shoulder grab from side control. It seems to force the person on top to align the chest properly while opening up for a stepover mount. Transitioned from scarf and back to side. Used Mark's trick of tapping the leg to fake a stepover mount then complete it for real. From the bottom, I could not insert my knee after a hip bump. Must remember the proper grips and to hook the leg if possible. Lost a scramble as I walked directly into an armbar.

Rolled with ...
From under, managed to either catch half guard in mid transition to a stepover mount or simply bump the other person full on.

Third round was extremely technical: a very tight war on space as the person was smaller than me and pretty much as technical. Felt as if I was fighting myself. Transitioned to kob a few times and back down to scarf while on bottom. He defended beautifully my hip bump attempts. Maybe the timing was wrong since he was kinda expecting them judging from the counter pressure he put on. He didnt get mount from there since I caught his hald guard. We decided to continue and he slowly continued his transition while fighting inch after inch for mount. Must learn to work from deep half as well. I lost deep half on all my partners. Need to study the position more.

Armbar defense from the guard. Stack the attacker straight above his hips. Grab the the forearm with the arm in danger. Grab the pants at the knee of the opponent while stacking. Hop the hand free while keeping constant pressure.