Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dec 1st 66th day

Dec 1st 66th day


Armbar from high guard option when person leans in after a failed double ankle defense. Underhook one side. Open guard and continue breakng posture with the leg on the sidewith the. Elbow hook while pivoting on the leg planted on the attackers foot.

Double ankle option when collar is lost. Put pressure on one knee and on your elbow. Plant the foot on that same side's hip and walk your hands to mount.

Sparring techniques
Sparred with M. Classic pass attempt to z guard pass attempt to half to half pass knee jerk pass attempt.

Same scenario with transition to crossface knee hop half guard pass.

Third attempt went to standing. Got seatbelt control with a nice sprawl but unable to pass.

From bottom guard doubleankle to de la riva spider hook. Tried the standing spider but defended with a knee down. Must learn to transition from there.

Got to the high guard scenario but time ran out again.

Sparring with C
Passed one with the knee slide from half once pretty classically.

Instructed him to not touch my head so he couldnt flatten me out in half guard. His loss because he can either underhook or grab the head. Didnt seem to know that. Went to his back but got stuck ina headlock I was too lazy to fight out of.

Third dude was a full out spazzy strong brute. While on top he tried to grab way too high. Flower sweptmhim rather easily since he had no base. Even got an elevator sweep with just my legs. On top, passed his guard rather leisurely since hr had the wrong grips and wrong body poaitioning. He was simplyintent to pull me down with his arms.

Man, does it feel good to be back!