Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec 13 71th class

Dec 13 71th class

One hour: fundamentals.

Sparring notes:
Worked from closed guard, alternating the starting position. Sparred with three people. One about my size, a very tall guy and a very fat/strong guy. Got in a dangerous position and almost enough to get passed. Passed everyone and got one sub as well as two sweeps. Got caught in a triangle I escaped by laying to the ground the top knee and pushing inwards. Personally, I find it higher percentage than the stacking one. It maybe works better in mma when armbars aren't as dangerous as in a gi.

Omoata swept the first partner and alternated between omoplata and triangles from the high guard. Got into trouble once as he broke my guard open and got ready for a pass, but we ran out of space. Time ran out with me breaking open his Z guard.

Tried breaking the second person's guard from the knees, but his legs were way too long for any leverage to be applied on his ankle. Went for a standing pass which worked. He tried to hold my weight with his arms but he had to let go. Observed how his pass attempts were well thought out, but lacking a few details to really make them work.

Started on the bottom of the 250+ lbs guy. He tried to choke me from my own guard. Pushed his weight with my legs on his hips and used knee on biceps to support his weight. Went for a good number of sweep atttempts but he would not budge, a sign that my timing needs work.

While on top, passed his half guard a few times and applied an ezequiel on him on his windpipe imstead of the corotid.

Continue shin on biceps.
Find moments when it's safe to slow down and relax.
Perfect the details of an omoplata sweep.
Grab the damn shin when prepping a triangle and underhook the right knee.

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