Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dec 15 72nd class

Dec 15 72nd class

One hour format. Had to skip the previous day since the washing machine was offline again.

Changed the way I rolled today: slowed down all of my movements. Question: what happened after my omoplata sweep that allowed the person to gain top?

Sparred with M, and two other people my size and weight. Went for the hip lapel knee push guard opening multiple times. Got good success out of it since I was tucking one knee in and offsetting the other one at the back. Remember to put more pressure on the side which is underhooked.

Passed a number of times by pushing my hips way forward and underhooking one leg.

Remember to transition to triangle after a messed up omoplata sweep.

Continue underhooking the leg closest to my head when breaking posture with a triangle to mount.
Continue adjusting the triangle and look for omoplatas and armbars.