Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20 74th class

Dec 20 74th class

Worked two classes, to exhaustion. Worked so hard, had trouble walking or getting up from a chair.

The two mount options from side control. If the opponent is crossfacing, grab that armpit by grabbing under his neck. Isolate his second hand using your legs. Push his legs to one side and stepover. Connectyour leg to his hip and transition.

The second works if he doesn't crossface and lets you grab a monkeygrip head and arm. Crossface with your own shoulder and stretch his far arm out by walking your fingers. Slide the knee through but bring it as high in his far side armpit as possible before sliding your shin.

Advanced techniques
Outer leg hook setup from standing high neck and elbow grip. Step the dominant leg back and fake steppig the other one. As the opponent follows, step your weak leg near his dominant leg. Push with your dominant hand and use the body weight to hook at the knee level.

Half guard pass.
Same grips as the first fundamentals technique. The second hand grabs his knee. Once the foot gets free, step it really back and base with it.

Donovan, bald blue belt and four striper.
On top, I generally take my time and establish good grips and transition between the two techniques. Got caught in half once as I rushed the knee slide. Mounted the blue belt and he won position once as well. Offbalanced the four striper a good number of times.

Advanced sparring
Falled back very often to half guard for lack of positive leg placement most of the time. Worked from butterfly and gave up half frommthere quite often. Got kimurad or americanad from bottommhalf a lot. Be wary of the outer hand placement in bottommhalf more.

Passed a four years guard once but he recovered quickly after and trned up the heat. Worked from the bottom afterwards.

Proud I didn't turn down any offer for rolling even though I was severely gassed. Tapped about four times to kimuras one rnc and one weird stacking.