Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24th 94th class

Did the usual two hour format. First hour was fundamentals, starting
from the back position. Got to practice Saulo Ribeiro's survival
position for the back, as well as his back escape. Was decently good at
defending chokes, but exposed myself for the occasional armbar as I
overprotected the choke occasionally. Had quite a bit of difficulrty
while trying his escape for the back, mainly because the opponent was
stiffening his leg as I tried to push the hook off with my free elbow.
Had the chance to practice the body lock escape as well, with pretty
good success : i got it open, but opened up for an armbar somehow right
after. Not sure what quite went wrong.
Had quite a bit of fun in the advanced class as well. Worked from and
passed butterfly guard a few times. Found the importance of the double
underhook when defending with the butterfly guard. Tried the sweep a few
times, but got caught in half guard, or Z guard most of the time. Did a
decent job of defending the cross-choke, and of either recovering full
guard, or getting a deep half position, at times. Got a nice triangle as
well as a sweep from spider guard. Recovered full guard and worked the
kimura, kimura sweep a few times. Been so long I did a proper Kimura
from closed guard, I acutally forgot to position myself properly to
finish it, when I actually had it on a rather big dude.
Worked the Ippon-Seoi-Nage from the regular Judo grip. Must first break
the grip by circling outwards and then upwards, then, very importantly,
pull the person abruptly and go for the first part of the move, which
consists in simultaneously underhooking the person's armpit right about
at the elbow level, and pinching hard. Hip out on the same side and
bring the second leg in line. Had the privilege of working with a black
belt Judo guy for this move.
I believe that my technique of the month will be the cross-choke to
armbar transition from the mount. It would go like this : Get one hand
in the lapel, quite deep, and prepare for the unavoidable mount my
shifting the weight on the right side. As the person does the Upa, give
her space, and lift up her elbow in transition. At this point, you have
a choice. You can either let her come down, into a cross-choke, or
continue upwards, for an armbar after a good-ol crosschoke.
The point I kinda question, is what happens if the person frames the
attacker at the hip, or tries to shrimp out instead of bridging ? That
seems to be a rather good defense, but most people don't use it.

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