Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27th 97day day

Three classes today, for a total of three hours of fighting. Two
fundamentals as well as one advanced class. Successfully applied Saulo's
scoop sequence again, and it seems to work rather beautifully, as long
as the person has no over-hook in place, or control over the free elbow.
I've personally noted the importance of keeping the elbows in. With
enough power and rest, the attacker could open the elbows for an armbar.
Worked my open guard a lot in free sparring, and noted that unless the
person has reaaaly good control when initiating a pass, I either stuff
it or go to four points and recover half-guard.
Even got my favorite sweep working in sparring today, but was a bit lazy
to get up once I did it, and the person recovered. It's most likely to
happen in competition if I don't act fast.
Had the chance to see the same technique explained in two different
ways, and the two ways really seem to complete each other. Actually, the
most important thing I've learned today is how to do a proper
cross-face. First off, the point of the cross-face is to have the person
look away from you, because if she can't look in a direction, she can't
turn her body in that direction. Secondly, it's very important to have
an over-under after a sprawl, so as to block the person from advancing,
or a double overhook control. Thirdly, the cross-face should be
performed by sliding the hand between the upper lip and the nose and
grabbing the opposite shoulder. It really should feel like a crank. It's
apparently the most basic wrestling move there is, and man, does it seem
to be effective. Here's an example : from the top of a sprawl, with the
defender in four points. Slide your right arm from the left to the
right, between the person's upper lip and nose, then grab the person's
left shoulder. She is now looking away from you. Grab an under-hook on
the person's left side with your free arm, and transition to her side.
Aim for proper hip to hip pressure while on the side. Your outside knee
should touch the person's outside knee. Switch for double under-hooks
and grab them high. Kick your free leg towards your back and transition
to back control.

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