Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 21 109th class

Rolling notes
Two hours.
Having a problem with defeating Mitch's de la Riva whenever I try to
step out of it by turning my knee inwards. He puts his second shin near
the hook and grabs the belt. From there, he often is lightning quick to
grab a dominant side overhook and go for a bow and arrow. The first
problem seems to be his second hook, as well as his belt grab. As a
solution, I might try to squat down as he tries to get the second hook
in to go for my back. Alternatively, I should maybe open his delariva
hook by squatting even before he gets the second shin in the danger zone.
Had a little trouble passing Cyrus' half-guard as he was grabbing my
head as if preparing a guillotine, and I didn't want to bother yanking
my head out. Tried to cross-face him, but his chin was way too far away,
so I tried to put my shoulder into his throat in the hope of getting out
of it. I did pretty good by taking his back from bottom half guard :
protected the cross-face and grabbed the under hook like a madman.
Did a very nice transition against Fred : from de la riva, by grabbing
the ankle, I switched the hook to a foot on the hip as he was standing
up, grabbed his shin and hooked his left leg for a sweet tripod sweep.
It still feels good to this moment. He also didn't like me grabbing his
free leg, so must remember to control it. As I shoved it once out of the
way for a pass, he shrimped out as I didn't have a good underhook.
Did a great job keeping Donovan's attacks off by only using my legs.
Also very happy with the toreando pass I did on Cyrus as he overcommited
on one side.
The next time I play spider guard, and the guy stands, forcing me to do
the classic sweep, to grab his ankle as well.
Did an awesome pass of Hong's butterfly : the knee skip. He transitioned
to the knees, making my live more difficult. In the end, hey, I
transition to my knees as well, but Mitch was already countering this
with proper grips when I tried that on him. One thing to note about
Mitch's game is how I reaaaally need to protect against that overhook.
He's got small hands, so he's quick as hell.

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