Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb 7th 103th class

Two classes, as is usual these days.
A couple of techniques really stand out from the rest, and I haven't had the time to really ink them down.
The first, is probably going to be my technique of the month. The first one is used when defending from mount. If a frame at the person's hip combined with a shoulder walk failed to secure a low mount position, push upwards on the person's armpits to fend off attacks. To escape, push his armpits using your feet and roll over one shoulder.
The second technique of the month has to be an escape sequence for a standing overhook grab of the neck, in preparation of the Rnc. Hit your hip hard against the attackers and sweep him over. If he has one leg forward pushing on the lower back, the inner leg goes in between his own, and the whole body unwraps (look at his overhooked shoulder to escape).
Noticed that if I turn up the intensity just a tiny bit, I'm able to get more submissions and get where I want a lot more. What really surprised me was how Mitch refused to defend my double ankle twice, except for using force. Next time, I should remember to grab the lapel as he goes down for an easy mount.

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