Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23rd 111th class

One class. Fundamentals was pretty much empty, with a bunch of new guys
coming in, so it was relatively easy to work. Sparred with three
different guys, in increasing order of experience.

The new guy whose name I can't remember
Practiced today's pass on him as I was attacking. When he attacked,
swept him overhead and arm-barred him once or twice, for good measure.
He's a potential partner since he seems to be smart about his attacking,
and doesn't go full force.

Used only my legs to defend his passes. Used the double underhook pass escape
with great success.

The big asian guy with a crazy half/deep half game
Got a high guard, and worked a triangle, for which he defended by
putting his pivot arm inside, opening up the omoplata. He stepped over
my body for the escape, readying a pass, and I turtled calling it a day.
I actually had a good grab on his belt and his arm, but maybe I didn't
sit up fast enough.
When I attacked, it was mostly me trying to pass his half using
yesterday's technique, while also threatening an ezequiel. It didn't pan
out since I was too lazy to finish the ezequiel.
Great traning today, but I really have to cut down on coffee. The amount
of acid it generates is insane. I feel drained at the end of the day. I
want a replacement, or simply to stop drinking it. It might help if the
darn coffee machine weren't in my field of vision all day long, two
meters away.

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