Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28 113th class

One class, due to very low energy levels.
Managed to pour enough sweat on the mats in fundamentals to warrant for
a few hours of rest. Yesterday's night sleep was a bit shallow, and it
Did an alternate escape from the standing headlock, this one used when
the opponent decides to start punching the hell out of you. Lock his
punching hand with your same-side hand, and posture up. Grab his second
wrist and bring it behind his back for a quick shoulder submission.
The second part was the classical knee wedge guard opening followed by
the standard bull pass.
In sparring, used a combination of torreanda + knee pass as well as a
leg rope pass whenever my opponent would attempt a crappy z-guard. In
defense, rolled with the armpit knee sweep a number of times. Escaped a
failed triangle attempt by turtling up away from the opponent. Worked
with the over under from closed guard and threatened to get the back a
few times. Did a really fancy escape from bottom half-guard, which
involves pushing the person's head with the outer leg, for a sweep. I
saw Bruno do it in competition, so I stole it. Works wonders if you're
the least flexible, and the guy doesn't keep his head at the right
place. Got a double ankle sweep as well as my now very appreciated
sickle sweep. One nice way to do it, in order to amplify its power, is
to handstand on the free hand, while twisting the legs and under-hooking
the ankle very close to it.
Overall, I've successfully applied in sparring two techniques I've seen
used by the highest-levels blackbelts when under stress in competition.
The thing I'm most proud of is the armpit knee sweep combined with the
knee underhook used for the pendulum sweep. It really adds extra power
to it, and I feel I can take anyone out with it.
Defeated the two on one hip control with the usual way of pushing the
leg off.
Had some difficulty passing Brando's half-guard : actually I didn't pass
it in two and a half minutes, after having tried various techniques. At
least I held my end up very well.

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