Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31st 132nd class

Two and a half hour of training today, including two warm-ups. Training
was a mixed bag, as usual. There's people I can manage, and there's
people who can manage me. Overall, a real difference is seen about every
six months of training, in my opinion, and this has nothing to do with
stripes or belts. It is a purely honest-to-god assessment of what it
means to progress in BJJ. Obviously, there's different degrees of black
belts, but time-based graduation seems to be a fair one, as long as it's
more or less every six months of regular training.

Got choked by three different people with the same choke from
half-guard, and got tooled by Mitch, but in a different way this time.
Defeated his DLR, but he switched to inverted and trapped me into it.
After what seemed like a scramble, he started working a choke. Defended
my lapels while being locked with one hook, but seem to be having the
time of my life getting the hell out of there... in a bad way. As soon
as I let go of one lapel, here cometh the bow and arrow. I didn't give
it to him, so he switched to an RNC with one hook in.

I have finally asked someone how to defend the dreaded cross choke from
half, and will be applying it in my sparring, thank god.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30th 131th class

Two and a half hours today, as energy levels were up there. Great
training sessions, with opportunities for both kicking ass and learning
from more advanced players.

The most important technique so far, has been the knee cross pass, done
from combat base. As I've often encountered, my main problem lies in
pinning his leg with my arm. In itself, it seems pretty silly, since
it's arm strength against leg strength. The best I could do for now is
put a fully extended arm on his knee and put all of my weight on it,
prepping the knee cross. I've found it very important to close my elbow
on his chest as I go for the knee cross, not letting him slide a knee in

I'm grateful to having both great training partners, as well as
challenging ones. I've successfully applied a reverse DLR sweep on two
people, and man, is it gratifying!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th 130th class

Back to a one hour format class, at least for today, for the simple
reason that I need more energy and time to advance in other aspects of
my life. I will be doing a two or three class session but every once in
a while. I will be attending at least a class a day, but won't make it a
habit out of training excessively anymore.

Technique-wise, I've observed how important are the legs in breaking
down a posture for an armbar. I've also discovered that if someone
protects one elbow from the closed guard, but underhooks the far leg, I
can still yank the tucked elbow out, since I have two hands against one:
the armbar would be waiting for me right then and there.

In sparring, I've successfully transitioned more often to the butterfly
guard whenever the partner would get too low, or at least stand up. With
great success, as usual. Worked in sparring the DLR back take by
grabbing the opposite ankle and the belt. It seems to work rather well,
even when done halfway through, since I can jump easily to the back from

Overall, enough JJ for today, can't wait for tomorrow's training.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24 128th class

March 24 128th class

Had tremendous amounts of fun during sparring. Used as little energy as possible and used the momentum my partners were giving me to transition where I wanted. Even asked an intermediate white belt my age weight and power to give me every ounce of power he had: transitioned to his back with ease.

Points to continue working on: keep a cool head throughout sparring. Ive outsmarted a stronger faster blue belt from my guard while he was forcing his way through and swept him.

Transitions worth remembering: guard pull tripod lumberjack. Kimura sweep kimura if partner bases. Waiter to omoplata to situp sweep.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21st 126th class

March 21st 126th class

Worked on one thing in particular during all my tolls that i have noticed before: keeping a relaxed face at all times allows you to see whenever you're forcing or not. For all the rolls I did, I took note of my facial expressions.

Bodylock escapes : put the weight in the knot and trap the top leg with your own. Push the knee with your elbow and bridge into the triangle. Insta tap.

My being relaxed then zoning into a sweep quickly raises my success rate.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17 125th class

March 17 125th class

Two and a half hours, as is the norm in Andreiland these days.

Applied two things I stole from saulo's revolution. Actually three. Transition to kob from kesa, worked pretty well. Positioned the knee as he suggested, and it seems to work very well into applying pressure properly. Did a peruvian necktie from side even without properly locking the guy up and it worked nicely. The second time around a disfferent person tucked their chin and bitched about it later. Transitioned to mount as well but forgot to position my leg properly to avoid a shrimp escape.

Did my favorite sweep from the knee cross pass from half which involves rolling the person. Realized that dlr cannot be played if the person goes for a torreanda. Must sit up and work frommthere instead.

I love Bjj.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10 121th class

My evil arm drags to full mount combos. Nowadays I start in butterfly, with either an over or under grip and do the classic sweep. If it fails I grab the same side knee with my hook in the same side, outside and keep the person close, especially the arm. Start the armdrag sweep combo.

If my butterfly sweep worked, it's because i remembered to grab the right arm, so I finish with a knee cross into kesa and work for a stepover mount then do my double attack armbar crosschoke and eventually get the back for a bow and arrow.

In defense I spend time getting the double ankle or tripod sweeps and blocking pass attempts. I get into trouble when I defend a pass poorly and the person knows how to attack from turtle. If she doesn't, i usually recover butterfly and restart my sequence.



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9 120th class

When the opponent is going for a knee cross but got caught in half, and he based the free leg, and he has no crossface set in, sweep by getting my hips under him and grab his knee. Basing out with only his free hand won't cut it.

Got my knee cross pass Saulo style, and I can say I love it especially since it doesn't twist the knee during the pass. Got it right by putting all my god given weight on the guy, with his back mostly flat on the ground.

Great job protecting the neck today, I am proud my myself. Got caught in a face smashing neck cranking smothering shallow triangle which the guy desperately tried to put on after I swept little baby jesus out of him and escaped his best attacks, including an armbar. He used pure espresso to pull in a crappy triangle, so I called it a day.

Used Valentin's own pissing off escape from side kontrol: push hip and arm as you shrimp away. He fell into his own trap. Good times. For me.
2.5 hours of fun as is usual this week.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday March 8th 119th class

Control of dominant position. Managed a torreanda, Saulo style. Managed to control even Valentin, most of the time.

As he transition from kob from side in positional sparring, executed bruno's escape with great success.

Swept V with the turtle defense/ escape.

Over under defense needs work. People still grab my neck making me vulnerable to chokes and cranks. My defense is getting better but it needs to be much better given the number of times I use the turtle.

For the knee slide to mount from side with the crossface, I am having a lot of difficulty controlling the inside arm. I've found that my side control might be a bit off. The solution seems to push towards the outside arm while trapping the inside arm in between my hip and her shoulder.

With a really wily opponent, such as Donovan, I'm finding myself hunting for the stepover mount with the reverse kesa gatame, but his legs are everywhere. I could transition to regular kesa gatame, but it's a whole other can of worms. As Valentin pointed out, sometimes it's good to fake going for a sub, which makes the guy forget about impeding doom and opens him up for the kill.

Actually what's really interesting is that the person gives up her back if she overdefends the stepover mount.

Personal note. Sparres with a three stripe white, stronger than me. Swept him from a high guard straight into an armbar which was tight but I was too lazy to fight for, and went to side instead.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday 7th 118th class

Two classes as well as techniques for the third class, for a whopping 2.5 hours of training.

Stuff to work on.
I need to both recognize and escape clock chokes from side control. They seem to work when the person is shrimping away from under the side control thus exposing her neck.

Stuff I do well.
Getting mount after a long and evil bridge escape from side control. I seem to stepover mount at the right time. People who tense up as I go for reverse kesa gatame and resist usually fare much better than those who bridge into me.

Techniques worked
Omoplata from a whizzered arm in closed guard. Keep the persons head down as a first point and grab the belt to avoid her jumping over. Should be used as a platform for attacking or setting up a submission.

Triamgle defense counter when person hides the choking arm under the attackers body. Break the grip at the wrist level by underhooking it. Takehome point: with enough time, the person will tap, if the choke is set up at its best.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3rd 116th class

Was able to defeat Mitch's De la Riva back take using Saulo's sequence,
and that was a pretty big win. I didn't quite pass his guard, because he
ended up working from half-guard.

Used the same defense he showed us earlier from the back : pull the
overhook at the elbow, and also pull at the wrist level. It got me a few
moments of respite until he switched to use his legs with aiding in the
pull of the lapel and seal the deal. I still need to learn to better
defend my back, whenever I do end up giving it to my opponent because of
turtling. The key seems to be protecting against that pesky overhook.

Brando's guard proved to be too much for my lazy self in fundamentals.
Got to half eventually, but we ran out of time (3 minutes only). When on
bottom, I managed to sweep him and take side at least once. The combo I
like more and more seems to be the armdrag combined with armpit knee
sweep combined with triangle, when in open guard. I also play a
triangle/hook sweep combo from the double grip foot on the hip guard.
Lately I've been experimenting with the butterfly sweep, for which I
seem to need a combo or two. I also like to transition to the back from
butterfly more and more.

Sparred with the new blue belt, and the New york blue belt who is really
interesting to roll with as well. I don't yet understand his vocabulary,
but it seems to be centered around sweeps from X-guard/deep half, a game
used by Pierre as well.

Defended both the double underhook and single underhook pass with
Saulo's techniques, and they work like a charm.

Personally, a technique that gets me worried is the straight knee hop
half guard pass, with the second hook at the knee and the crossface.
When I get there, I'm stuck. Can't move my hips, which is scary, and
can't even move my head. I do have at least one hand free in the worst
case, so that could be used somehow to break the guy's balance or something.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011